Thursday, 7 November 2013

Handcuffed TV

New Cartoon Movement Pitch on the evacuation of ERT.

Greek TV premises evacuated by riot police... and handcuffed...Personnel was not arrested sine it hasn't been fired, and yet the state propaganda still calls the 4 months workers struggle to keep ERT alive an occupation

ERT shut again

New Cartoon Movement pitch.

ERT Radio - TV premises raide today morning 4 am and evacuated by riot police.

While unlike Italy where occupation is a legal form of protest (actually voted while the right wing was in power) in Greece is considered a misdemeanor... however while the Goverment still speaks about OCCUPATION, and the need to end the OCCUPATION of the ERT premises, to carry on the NERIT plan which the government pulled out of its hat after european condemnation following the first shut down... No worker has been arrested with accusation of occupation since the goverment after 4 entire months has failed to sign dismissal notes and compensate its personnel.