Wednesday, 30 October 2013

28 OCTOBER 2013

New Cartoon Movement Pitch
One more national day parade from which Greeks where excluded... with 3 policemen per attendant and fences everywere... wat's more this year, Tanks and armored vehicles where sponsored by the filthy rich and corrupted tha broght us here...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Drive She Said, part II

Re-posting the original Drive She Said after S. Arabia arresting 14 women who dared drive apparently seems to have made its mind... plus after waaaaay too much attention from Lockheed Martin...

Maybe with these I close the door to ever getting back to Saudi Arabia... however people struggle for their rights all the time and their actions should at least be met with support, whatever the cost.

New Cartoon Movement pitches on Saudi Women Right to Drive (A, B, C).
Having the Bahrain experience, where -prior to FEB14 arab spring, and the following "winter"- change does come easier when people's core values are not threaten. SO Saudi flag carrying the Prophet's name has not been tampered with, national colors and emblem hell yeah!..

Monday, 21 October 2013

Drive she said

"Drive She Said" cartoons are down.

Why?.. To avoid my friendly criticism from being used against these womens best interest.

WTF?... talking about persistance... Lockheed Martin company seems to have a thing for this post... doesn't it?

However following my commitment not to alter the content of this blog, these cartoons will be again uploaded once a decision on the matter has been made.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

US Goverment Shutdown

New pitch for Cartoon Movement on the Great American Shutdown...
If the European Crisis is the repercussions of the US Real Estate Fall Out... what's next for European economy following the US ShutDown?

New Round of Violence in Egypt

New Cartoon Movement pitches (A, B) on the new round of violence in Egypt between Muslim Brotherhood Members and the DeFacto (Junta) goverment.