Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Murder... Again!

New Cartoon Moovement pitches on Pavlos Fyssas murder.

Pavlos Fyssas a Greek Hip-Hop artist was brutally murdered by a Golden Dawn (neo-nazi party) follower after 40 members raided the cafe he was at, after being heard talking against Golden Dawn... 40 double police ZEUS units close to the spot, denied intervention saying "they where too many"... the murderer was finally recognised by witnesses and arrested by a woman police officer.

Pavlos Fyssas a Greek Hip-Hop artist was murdered by a Golden Dawn member... only a day after the ex-vice president of the ex-goverment stated "Golden Dawn and SYRIZA drag us in civil war"... in an effort to convince us that the parties that bankrupted us are still needed as a pillar of security... in other words... they blackmail us... is good to note that the extreme right in Greece started to re-exist after the Junta, only after Teodoros Pangalos he himself co-appeared in a TV interview supposely against an ex-junta member jailed in the past for terrorism...

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