Monday, 4 February 2013

The Chair

Kids!... kids where arrested yesterday on terrosrism charges, the way they where tortured reminded me of something worth sharing.

Anteo Zamboni, a 15 year old italian anarchist, after a failed attempt against Mussolini, nearly lynched by bystanding fascists, gets identified and arrested by none other than Pier Paolo Pasolini's father, then Cavalry officer.

Although Zamboni's pictures from the attempetd lynch are in fact shoking, he died tied on a chair, with a sort of bag on his head and beaten to death.

Ironically enough, Pasolini's son Pier Paolo Paolini the filmaker died the exact way... tied on a chair, bag in head, beaten to death... for being a "dirty communist"... making "Petrolio" a film about ex-fascists after WWII, in power positions (again) in after war Italy, deciding the fate and use of Petrol in our new brave world...

Is it a non by chance symbolism of fascist cops?
Or is it a job affinity?

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