Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Extra! Extra! read all about it!

heh, yeah I'm stuck on the Pope visit to Cuba... is so full of contradictions it would be a waste not taking advantage of it.
Check it out at Cartoon Movement.
It's actually a bit criptic since one must know the Granma meaning and the Granma newspaper...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hasta... la vista

New Cartoon Movement pitch on the Pope visit to Cuba.

Pope? Nope!

A lil something over Pope's Benedict visit to Cuba for Cartoon Movement. A remodelling of January 14 2010 illustration for Athens Plus.

The Uterus Debate...

New Cartoon movement pitches on the US republican recurring nightmares... "The Uterus" and "birth control"

Friday, 9 March 2012

Haircut accomplished

New Cartoon Movement pitch.
10.767.827 people freshly served... 2 milions of them are retired... haircut to their pensions... 1,5 milion of them are below the age of 14... haircut to their medicare... already we have a tubercolosis (in Domokos) outbreak and the next school year will witness an absolut growth of endemic due to the lack of proper medicare as well as family income able to provide it.

Follows a second Cartoon Movement haircut pitch, for those amongst us that believe that we were saved from default to close to the brink...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hitting the motherload

New pitch for Cartoon Movement. The smile of the Papademos-Gioconda, on our "sudden" oil reserves discovery...

Of course everybody knew we had oil, this was afterall the ground for neverending tensions with our neighbours since the end of WWII. The time however of the "supposed discovery" grows more distrust from the Greek people to their political leaders... could it be they broght us on purpose where we stand today, so their foreign bosses could get their hands on our oil reserves for nothing? Lets do the math...

P.S.: what our status as people and country would be if this reserves where used prior to the crisis for our own developement instead?...

Greek Elections - Horror stories

New Cartoon Movement pitch on the Greek Elections.

If elections could change things they'd be probably ruled illegal... this is the case of Athens where the two ex-big parties postponed the elections from March to April... and from April to May. while bombarind people with post-apocaliptic scenarios (and cold-war destabilization tactics) of what could happen if we vote a non pro-Memorandum non pro-IMF party... in the first post-Junta elections that could actually change things for the first time in 40 years. After all it seems again that "Issues at hand ar far too important for Greek people to decide on their own"...

Till debt do us apart

New Cartoon Movement pitch on gender inequality and the crisis effect on it.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Freedom to the Greek Parliament

My latest pitch to Cartoon Movementon on the Greek Parliament being fenced behind bars since 18 Feb 2012.

"It had happened before... yet this time (since Feb. 18) the Greek Parliament is permanently fenced behind bars... it only lacks a couple of tanks and machine guns to complete the scenery... thing is... if one can't rule a country without bars and thugs, shouldn't be allowed to run it at all... Just to underline the symbolism... "Greek Parliament" translated from Greek, literaly means: "The will of the Greeks"... yeah it's behind bars."