Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy Pure Monday

Happy Pure Monday everybody!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Athens Burns

My new Cartoon Movement Pitch.
Athens burns, so do other European cities.
...but would there be riots without opression?
Would there be smoke without fire?

Star wars

My new Cartoon Movement pitch.

It's apparent that Europe has chosen profit over people and repression over enpowerment. In this "tug o war" the web and social media prove themselves a usefull tool... unfortunately for both sides. Having said, Greek police infringing copyright and geopardizing Press's role in protests, without having substantiate any case over 11 Feb 2012 riots stole pictures from online media and posted them in search for anonymous information over portrayed people.

Friday, 10 February 2012

There yet?

My latest pitch for Cartoon Movement, on Greece exit danger from the eurozone.

Boxing... "Hellenes"

Latest pitch at Cartoon Movement on the Greek Coalition Goverment Dismantlement prior of the Sunday voting of the PSI and Memorandum 2.

Western civilisation... electrocuted in Greece

New pitch at Cartoon Movement.

Against all rule of law (Greek and European alike), greek people are blackmailed by their NOT ELECTED goverment and the State Electric Company to pay a tax witch does not take into account not only peoples income but not even their ability to pay it... an unprecedent act of violence against the role of the law in western civilisation.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Send flowers to the people of Bahrain - An IFEX initiative

An IFEX initiative for the 1st anniversary of the Bahraini Spring

Take action!
Send flowers to the people of Bahrain
Tuesday, 14 February marks the one-year anniversary of Bahrain's uprising. But as IFEX has recently reported, human rights violations continue daily: peaceful protests are met with bullets, tanks and teargas while human rights defenders remain unjustly jailed - some of them sentenced to life in prison merely for calling for peaceful reform.

While weapons are being sent to Manama we choose to honour the people of Bahrain by sending flowers in recognition of their continued struggle for human rights. Let them know that you support their quest to peacefully exercise their right to freedom of expression - whether in the streets, online, through music, writing or poetry - without fear of harm.

Post the virtual flower for peace below (click to download the full-size image) on your website, Facebook and Twitter - ask your friends to do the same.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

1 year Bahraini Arab Spring - B

My new pitch at Cartoon Moovement on the Bahraini restriction on press visas ahead of the 14 february, 1st anniversary.
Those of us who remember, time and innability to process large ammount of requests was not the case during the Bahrain F1 innauguration.. was it?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

1 year Bahraini Arab Spring.

My latest pitch to Cartoon Movement, for the 1 year since the arab spring got hold of Bahrain.