Thursday, 7 June 2012

Heil Hitter

New Cartoon Movement pitch.
In an extreme exhibition of manhood the greek elected member of the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, first throu water on the Syriza (left party) female rappresentative and then punched the communist party (yes female again!!) rappresentative durning a morning TV show. Golden Dawn who sees it's numbers shrink since they first entered the parliament on the 7May elections uses desperate measures to keep its "blood thirsty" voters delivering what they where voted for... Hopefuly future homosexual marriage laws will help gym-boys feel less pressured and violence against women will eventually evaporate...


  1. It is clear from your homophobic remarks that you are no better than the Neo-Nazis.

    1. Actually I am!
      -I have free unmoderated comments ON,
      -I take full responsibility for my comments and illusrations (not hiding behind a veil of anonymity),
      -and last but not least I don't hit women.

      Having said that, according to Pirandello a "fact" (be it comment, situation, illustration ecc.) can range from tragic to comic depending on the individual's involvement in it. Apparently your tragedy intersected my comedy.