Thursday, 5 April 2012

Greek elder citizen's suicide

Latest Cartoon Movement Pitch.
A Greek retired chemist commits suicide in front of the Greek Parliament refusing to accept a life without dignity due to the recent austerity measures aka "haircut"... apparently a modern european financial T4 extermination plan. He is not the only one driven to suicide, as a matter of fact suicides in Greece have risen by 18% (2012 figures) while in Athens alone by 25% last years (ELSTAT BBC) but he is the first to rase his at at a level of an undeniable political act. Yet, ruling parties spokepersons reaffirm how shamessly aloof our ruling elit is...

It is also of extreamely importance to note that he was not the only person in Greece with a gun in his hand... and not the only one stripped enough of his dignity to a point where life loses it's meaning... let's think a bit what this little math tells us...

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