Wednesday, 31 March 2010

In the name of the father - Pleyris Konstantinos

Konstantinos Plevris Illustration for next (11 April 2010) Sunday Kathimerini, drawn now since next week i'm gonna be on short vacations. Below the first version (wηich you might remember from several occasions) based on older illustration a year -or so- ago, the difference on the portrait quality i think is self evident.

Iron Merkel

A recycled Merkel Illustration for April Fool's Athens Plus, does she look chunky enough? Need more cushion for the pushin?

Read more on it here, and in PDF, here.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bakunin & Nechayev

Illustration for 4 April 2010 Sunday Kathimerini

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Taxed Church... finally?

Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini 28 March 2010.

It seems that a discussion is finally opened on Church taxing and of course it would be a matter for controversy... even if much less compared to several years back. Unfortunately is Holy Week here in Greece, and moching those who don't want to get taxed, while acceptable, it should be done with a sensitivity i'm not equipped with...
So, first illustration (the red one) didn't make it, while it's obvious that i have an Orthodox priest in the Da Vinci (euro symbol) circle, still, there would be (undeniably) a fanatic bunch that would be more than happy to confuse it with crucifixion mockery... which brings us to Illustration No2, the Burberry priest, by my way of thinking, the more painless depiction of a class (like in this case) or etnicity either profit oriented or (like the Burberry Keffiyeh) spoiled by riches.
Unfortunately the rule is that either text or space do lack when needed... kinda like taxis... so a backround was added to fill up the available space.

Lots has been recycled here, starting with the Da Vinci circle, the priest too (older work not uploaded), the two headed eagle included. As for the Burberry plaid, that's both and old and a new story retold. And f course haven't you seen the backround before?

You can read more on it here, here and here in PDF. have fun ya'all.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Final Avatar-Julia for Athens Plus

Final -Avara...ized- Julia Aleksandratou for Athens Plus.
You can read about it here, here and in PDF here.


P.S.: A julia second version was made for page 2 index.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Oddly enough, Both films that captured greek viewers in 2010, had as central plot the riding of a big bird...

3D glasses: The Italian Job

Wow! really... i'm in your Google reader? wow again! mr. Dolby you surely know how to flater!.. you devil you...

But enough with our lil romance, lets get back to the basics.

If you se a lawer...i say... something has been done, if you see lots... something is about to happen... and something was realy about to happen.

I did yesterday comment the fact that "Plinius Multisala" adress and phone number was downloaded by the "Fellowship of the D" (imagine that with horror drippin' letters), and less than half a day after a Multiplex Movie Company in Italy got here and started snooping around... Of course i won't bother and maybe is a bit far off my reach to see if there's any connection between Plinius Multisala in Milan and the Multiplex Company in Rome, maybe even it's all a coincidence, after all, all Italian movies thanks to the reusable 3D glasses ban will probably be around the web gathering all possible piece of information... still how much of a man's belief system can be based on the existence of coincidences.

Unfortunately prior to that i could call Plinius Multisala -as i did- several times a day, get the unfortunate answering machine reply "see our programm online..." and still hope that eventually someone would pick it up and maybe answer my simple question... "what 3D screening system do you use, are the 3D glasses re-usable"?

After this "coincidence" an oral reply can't be trusted no more, and unfortunately we'll have to wait for the -binding- written one. In case the answer never comes, we can all nag about the fact that only a few days after a 3year old child got a serious eye infection Plinius Multisala won't comment consumer's health realted questions, bottom line is... would you trust them with your eyes?

P.S.: Of course you can always jump to conclusions...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Misery loves company part II

If you've been following the misery loves company illustration, you'd know by now that only Merkel and Rehn made it to the printer... well, think again, by a last minute change of plans, Papandreou Jr. got saved by the bell and fitted in... it has to do i suppose with the fact that he was on the telly again repeting the "Greece doesn't need nobody's money" tune... wishfull thinking...

More on it here, here and in PDF here.

Greek workforce

Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini. More on it here, here and on PDF here.

Hello -again- Dolby

Thing is, the story about Italy banning the damn reusable 3D glasses sooner or later is gonna blow... on which side of the stick you as an investor would prefer to be?

Hello -again- Dolby, i just wanted to say i'm really, truly sorry, I definitely should have known better... You do remember, don't you, the 3 rethorical questions i mailed and posted... again and again...(since 23 February) yeah the ones below...

- Is Dolby capable to enforce its policies to exhibitors?
- Is Dolby able to at least control it's policies at the exhibitors level?
- Has Dolby any clue of what is going on through its exhibitors in any Country?
- and last, but not in any way least, who's accountable? Dolby or the exhibitors?

Well, thing is... I think i was unfair to you... the plain truth was standing right in front of me... and i kept missing it...
It seems that while incapable of enforcing it's health policies, Dolby proves itself more than able to monitor them around the clock/around the globe... how? Keeping a close eye on bloggers of course... they wouldn't look this surprised if they had other means... if any...

Is either this or... dude, you musta feel terribly lonely... do ya?

And speaking about monitoring... really, how safe should your average viewer feel, knowing that instead of looking through your client list to find out if Plinius Multisala (the place where the 3D glasses infection -that started the reusable 3D glasses ban in Italy- occured) was or not a client of yours, you look for it (and download the adress) at blogs!

Of course...

By the way... while Dolby surfs the net to find out who's technology Plinius Multisala used when the infection broke... here's an interesting article on Business Week... did i mention that Real-D 3D glasses are not reusable?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Misery loves company

Angela Merkel, Olli Rehn, George Jr. Papandreou, all in Euro coins for this (19 Mar 2010) Athens Plus. Version of 3 of 2 and on smaller for second page's index.

21.04: News so far are that the 2 heads version was chosen, giving Papandreou Jr. a rest untill next time he'll be needed. Also a slight rotation of mr. Olli Rehn was applied so the european stars would look more clear over Finland's flag, i also tried a viceversa position between them but, hell, does that woman look good on top..! Last, a second version of the Index couple was made changing their garment in something more colorfull.

More on it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Investment advice

Yo! mr. Wpp... you've spent so much time here it would be a pitty not to be able to make something outta nothing, here's an investment advice from me, 3D glasses that get to be handled over from one viewer to another are getting banned in Italy... STARTING TODAY!!!
...which... OMG don't tell me it includes Dolby 3D as well, is it?
Well read 'em and weep...
It might need a bit of time but eventually health related issues do affect other member states legislation...

Cheers ya all.... : )

P.S.: See, you're finally getting to know "Everything you always wanted to know about 3D glasses* - *But were afraid to ask"

P.S.2: Don't you hate being told... "I told you so..."

P.S.3: I'm still trying to communicate with Plinius Multisala in Italy (The place where the 3D glasses infection -that started the reusable 3D glasses ban- occured) to find out which 3D system they were using... in the mean time i did some investigating in Athens... yup Alice in Athens is only screened in Dolby 3D... i wonder what the screening technology in Italy might be..?

Monday, 15 March 2010

In the news: 3D glasses infection in Italy...

It seems that we have a first announcement of a 3D glasses infection, unfortunately it concerns a 3 year old girl who got a left eye -nut sized- infection after viewing Alice in wonderland. Corriere della sera and consumer rights layers Codacons report that in many theaters glasses are being handled over from one viewer to another more than 3 times per day without proper higiene procedures.

I tried to communicate via phone with the cinema where the incident occured but without luck, so i e-mailed them asking what 3D system (and glasses) they are using. In due time i'm thinking of communicating with Codacons too and possibly even provide them with the replies i got from contacted people, in case it would prove useful in the court of law, where the parents of the 3year old girl are taking their case... it seems also that while our and other european consumer rights groups and Ministers of Public Health are deep asleep, Italy's woke up... moody...

Below the new e-mail sent to the Milan 3D Theater where the health incident happened.

dopo aver tentato piú volte a contattarvi per telefono senza alcun successo, spero che sarete abbastanza gentili ad informarmi sul sistema 3D che usate presso il vostro cinema, Real D, Imax, Dolby, altro?

La ringrazio a priori.
Emmanuele Symeonakis

After trying many time to contact you via phone unsuccesfully, i hope you'll be polite enough to inform me which 3D system you use in your theatre, Real D, Imax, Dolby, other?

Thank you in Advance
Emmanouil Symeonakis

Friday, 12 March 2010


A lil something to keep you smiling on the weekend.

Which reminds me, i saw Alice in Wonderland... unfortunately in normal 2D screening since the 3D version was available only at Dolby 3D movies, where they handle the glasses over from one viewer to another... while not being capable of enforcing a sanitary procedure, for more about it read here (Greek -Dolby 3D system-Kosmopolis Theatre reply), here (Dolby reply), and here (Conclusions after their replies).

For the entire 3D trip, click here.

Why i'm telling ya? Oh i'd hate to dissapoint the one an only reader that keeps coming here just for this... aint'ya?

Happy Uneasy weekend ya'all. Oh.. by the way... P.S.: Thousands of REUSABLE glasses (Dolby 3D and IMAX alike) have been seized over health concerns and for not having the proper documentation in Italy, mind you... IMAX is the one whith the strict cleaning code.
Oh, so you know... i'll be diggin up for more...

Still awaiting the reply to my last rhetorical questions... since 23 February, and counting...

- Is Dolby capable to enforce its policies to exhibitors?
- Is Dolby able to at least control it's policies at the exhibitors level?
- Has Dolby any clue of what is going on through its exhibitors in any Country?
- and last, but not in any way least, who's accountable? Dolby or the exhibitors?

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Michael Moore

Yup, Michel Moore... he's da man, and this is one portrait which i'm truly glad i did... notice, no bad luck red tie...

}: ) cheers ya'all

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Michael Foot, Geert Wilders - Athens Plus

Athens Plus Illustrations. The late Michael Foot and the islamofobic Geert Wilders. This week's issue out on Saturday 13 March, due to -of course- strike. Untill then you can read about it here, here, with more links following on Monday. here and in PDF here.


Borat, Trip to America

This is an unfortunate illustration that gets to go probably nowhere but here, still i couldn't leave without comment George Papandreou's trip to the States.

PS: A fortunate twist, it'll be used after all on next Sunday's Kathimerini.


Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein. Unfortunate choice of fotograph, he's younger (circa 1st gulf war) and smiling, which makes his moustache look more "stalinized".
Still recognizable.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Burberry Tsoliades

Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini.
Burberry Tsoliades, based on the original idea of the Burberry Keffiyeh post... for the exact same reasons. Instead of the national emblem on the Evzonas cap i used the BMW logo... since that's where -along with modern consumer Greek coscience- the Greek Flag colors came from.

More on it Monday. Read more about it here, here and in PDF here

P.S.: The Burberry Tartan instructions for Adobe Illustrator where found here.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Afrodite de milos & Erdogan

Friday's Illustrations for Athens Plus. You can read about both of them here, here, here and in PDF here More links on Monday.

Niquita... }; )

Niquita Kaklamanis for Sunday Kathimerini. First version. Since he's probably out to do -again- God knows what with our city's public space i suppose i shoul dput a topographic map behind him.

More on it here and here.


P.S.: yes he's the Mayor of Athens... go figure...