Friday, 29 January 2010

A 3D answer - Ster Cinemas Herpes Inquiry Reply

Yup, that's right, the picture above is what i got the first time i tried to communicate with the Ster Cinema Chain, and obviously thought that my first communication effort had gone down the drain.

The same can be said for Village Cinemas Greece and Odeon chain, without a big-stuff-web-site problem interfering, just their plain unwillingness to reply.

...all there was left to do i guess was... retry! And what ya know... suprise suprise... i got myself an answer!

I sent a "your site has problems" email and i got the answer i asked at my first mail which i thought lost in the world wide web.

And what's more unexpected... i got the answer i was praying for!!!

which translates: "Good morning, the 3D glasses provided by Ster Cinemas are for one use and come seald in a nylon package".

If i remember right ( and i do remember!) Village-Greece (Volos) tickets were supposed to cost 2 more euros than normal movies as a form to repay the technology applied, why then the same doesn't apply to Ster Cinemas? I mean Hey! it's the same damn movie!

And just for discussion's sake, this (below) was found in Amazon...

P.S.: I'm not done yet, i still owe you 2 Interviews.

}: ) Cheers

Manuel Zelaya

Following the innaguration of Lobo Sosa, Manuel Zelaya freed from the Brasilian embassy flew for the Dominican Republic.
Honduras and Lobo's recognition depending on his national reconciliation steps.

To be seen

Turkish Newspapers on greek airspace breaches

Illustration for Sunday's Kathimerini. To make a long story short the turkish newspaper Taraf exposed the fact that the turkish generals started breaking in greek airspace aiming at destabilizing the country's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan. On this grounds Zaman a secular oriented newspaper advised its readers to keep reading the Taraf who's more islam oriented.

As you can see below i started drawing him reading newspapers with Buyukanit the general who mostly contested his policies (the newspaper used twice for the sketch is Saturday's kathimerini, since i had it ready from an older illustration) not everybody would recognize him tho, so i made a second version where he reads newspapers with Kemal Ataturk, father and eternal symbol of Secular Turkey.

Beneath them, as to serve like a table is the shadow i used for my first ever to get published illustration 3 years ago, which is the same -well a bit altered every time- i used on all Financial-Saturday illustrations.

More links on Monday, cheers.

}: )

Master of tractors: farmville a true story

Stats and graphs for Athens Plus about greek and european agricolture. Read all about it here or here in PDF

The right to a fair trial...

Illustration for Athens Plus.

Andrew Symeou, 21 years old, tourist.

Accused of manslaughter.

Awaits his chance for a fair trial in jail, with convicted criminals at Korydallos maximum security prison.

Already 2 bail requests based on the fact that he was a foreign citizen where denied, although he had a temporary family home address in Greece. And now a third on the basis that he might repeat the same crime... mind you... he hasn't been found guilty, and ... well.. actually... he has not a clue on when he'll be granted his right to attend trial.

I still wonder, with this legal system, and with confessions still taken by means of torture, how could anyone ever consider this country a safe destination?
Unfortunatelly if people keep coming, and keep spending their money here, Greece will never feel the need to clean up her act.

If it's true that a country's civilizations is to be understood by the way it treats it's guilty, what does the way it treats the not guilty tell you about it?

I guess the Midnight's express is here instead.

Read all about it here, here or here in PDF

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Village - Ster - Odeon Greek Multiplex Cinemas Herpes Inquiry No2

Ok, just as said, i resent the e-mail to Greek Village and at Odeon Cinemas, stating that it is the second e-mail since they have failed to reply at the first one.

As you migh remember i could'nt communicate with the Ster Cinemas Chain do to their web site malfunction so i sent the following to their web site manager: The communication feature at your company's web site doesn't seem to work, please provide me an e-mail adress for communication with your company.

thank you

Making 3D glasses, Interview 1

Of course Greek Multiplex Cinemas haven't replied to my e-mails... the greek way of doing business i suppose... since it will be a cold day in hell before they do, i'll be posting some interviews i got from some interesting folks...
-I'll repost eventually the e-mails some day soon, but just for the fun of it...

Another in depth view at the 3D glasses and their cost... Just to prove once again that someone is lying his guts to you jeopardizing your healt for his personal wealth.

Random Views:
So, you've been in the mold business for quite as long as we know each other, give me details... i mean, everybody knows that making stuff in Asia can cost hell less, but, if we wanted could we eventually fabric these glasses in Greece? And at what cost?
Interviewed: You start by calculating the mold cost 'bout 30.000 euros keep in mind that in Greece the mold is double meaning it will produce you 2 glasses at each use, i'm saying that 'cause chinese factories the molds are X10 instead, wich translates in 10 glasses at each use...

Random Views: ...Then what? I add the workforce pay?
Interviewed: You calculate the material... in Greece you need 1.20 euro per Kg of this specific plastic, and don't forget you have also another material wich makes you view 3D stuff, and it has to be fabricated, cut and placed, with whichever means, still it will reach maximum double cost.

Random Views: Ok, let's stick at the glasses plastic frame for start, if i want to make only two (2) of them, it will eventually cost me...?
Interviewed: 30.000 euros (mold) + 1.20 euro (material) + workers pay

Random Views: I see, an if i want to build 40.000 plastic 3D glasses frames?
Interviewed: 30.000 euros (mold) + 1.20 euro per kilo (material) + workers pay

Random Views: Meaning that i can have 40.000 frames at the cost of 40.000 euros?
Interviewed: more or less, yes

Random Views: That means i can have the 3D glasses frame at 1 euro cost, yes?
Interviewed: yes, more or less... yes

Random Views: Lets suppose for discussions sake taht i want to make 400.000 or even better 4.000.000 3D glasses frames how much can the cost fall?
Interviewed: Per piece? oh... to the ground... plus for this big material quantities you will be made extreamly special prises...

Random Views: So what could be the final cost per piece for this quantities?
Interviewed: ...Cents...

Random Views: Wich leaves me enough money to fabricate, cut, place the 3D plastic in front of them and pay for the people who done it?
Interviewed: ...of course

Random Views: And the cost per piece will still be...?
Interviewed: ...Cents? yes...

Random Views: Thank you very much
Interviewed: Still i should add that for that quantity if you go to China instead of Greece you can have it all at one third of the greek price...

Random Views: Less than pennies?
Interviewed: yeees, less than pennies...

Two more interviews on the 3D glasses matter to follow.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tamil Tissainayagam freed on bail

Do you remember Tamil journalist J. S. Tissainayagam sentenced initially with 20 years hard labor, pending the outcome of his appeal he was released -10 days before elections- on bail.
Initially imprisoned for having said that situation of ethnic Tamils haven't change after the Tamil Eelam Tigers military defeat and Velupillai Prabhakaran's death.

In fact tomorrow's elections have little to offer to the Tamil minority, who have to chose between the man that ordered their military defeat and the man who carried it out, to lead the reestablishment of a Sinhala state.

While Tissainayagam managed his release, others -Prageeth Eknaligoda Political reporter and cartoonist- dissapeared just before the elections in what seems as an obvious effort to silence opposing voices.

More about Tissainayagam here.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Jean Claude Juncker and Google Chaina

Athens Plus -January 22, 2010- Illustrations, Pages 10-11 Jean Claude Juncker and Google Chaina, just like you've seen 'em before here and here. Athens Plus links tomorrow, untill then, you can read about 'em here and here.

Friday 22 Jan 2010 - 20.21
You can read all about it here , here, and here in PDF.

Immigration: Between law and lawlessness II

Another cancellation, second one, this time mine, since a different image size was needed.
Here's the final version.

Links on Sunday. }; )

Immigration: Between law and lawlessness

Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini, after the first one got cancelled, i made this.

More on Friday.

jean claude juncker

2nd Illustration for Athens Plus #83. Jean Claude Juncker president of the Euro-Group and at the present time the man dealing with Greek economy, no wonder, only a junker would ever deal with it.
More links on tomorrow.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Un-China love, baby set me free...

Ok, there goes down the drain my life dream trip to China, not be able to do it after all, not after the Chain-A illustration anyway...

Illustration for Athens Plus (you can also find it at voxversndaal blog).
The original idea, with the handcuffs was from Diplo Magazine which unfortunately is not anymore amongst us.
I'll try to find that issue tho and upload the name of the artist who drew the Google Handcuffs first, back in the day when Google was considering the censorship it should undergo in exchange of access to the huge China market.

The CHAIN A word-play is all mine.

Links to follow on Friday.

PS.: It seems like the entire story of China spying Gmail will end up giving a whole lotta new meaning to "chain mail"...


Samaras on Nationality Refusal

Canceled illustration of Antonis Samaras for this Sunday's Kathimerini, and T. Kampilys article on the refused immigrant right to citizenship.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Deleted blog entries

It happens every Thursday, i post the Athens Plus illustration and with it a text telling ya'all that Athens Plus link will be available to ya the day after.

When the day after comes and i upload the links, what i hate the most is deleting the previous day's text and replacing it with the links.
It's a blog, text shouldn't be replaced, it should be there for all to view what's been canceled.

Unfortunatelly the a LINE THROUGH style doesn't exist on Blogspot... so...

try and place in "edit Html" entry mode: span style="text-decoration: line-through;" between these <> prior to the phrase you want to cancel, and they should finally do the trick.

Why i'm posting this here? for easy reference of course, as i did with the target="_blank=" Html rule, which, even if you haven't noticed, is what does the trick and opens every clicked link in new window.

}: ) cheers

Terra-Study for infographic use.

Just drawn a cube of earth and one of sea, for study on possible infographic use, of course these are the first, and are made for the sole use to help me discover the possible color, texture, shape problems and correct them for future use.

One step towards that future is experimentation with more complex-waved shapes, to make hills and mountains in one case and waves (or even Tsunamis) in the second.

Of course much before that, a more realistic 3D shade should be aplied.

Both patterns used for the Terra Cube as well as the sea surface of the Sea Cube where found at Mayang's Free Texture Library .

Greek Village Cinemas none reply

Not that it is such a big surprise, but Greek Village Cinemas havn't yet replied.

If a sensitive matter as children health, doesn't seem importan enough to them as to deserve a reply, i wounder what (pick any of your consumer rights) could ever be.

Still awaiting their reply.

PS.: Of course Kosmopolis hasn't reply yet either.

I do have 2 interviews tho, but i'll wait a bit more for their answers before posting.


Friday, 15 January 2010

Odeon Kosmopolis & Ster Cinemas Herpes Inquiry

The same e-mail was sent to Odeon Kosmopolis.

I tried to send the same email to the Ster Cinemas chain but their online - communication had problems, i'll try again another day.

For the entire 3D glasses email thing... click here

Greek Village Cinemas herpes Inquiry

Below the email (both in greek and english) sent to the Greek Village Cinemas concerning the 3D glasses use.


Please, before we come to your chain to watch the Avatar movie, we'd like to be informed about your policy concerning the USE of 3D glasses.

Are they strictly for personal use or do you, too, follow the irresponsible practice of handling them from one viewer to the other.

We know people with herpes who came to watch the movie at your -and other- cinemas. It would be a shame for everybody, especially kids, if a few hours of optical leisure should cost a chronic disease contamination.

For the entire 3D glasses email thing... click here


Παρακαλώ, προτού μεταβούμε στην αλυσίδα σας για να παρακολουθήσουμε το έργο AVATAR, θα θέλαμε να μας ενημερώσετε σχετικά με την πρακτική της αλυσίδα σας, αναφορικά με τη χρήση των γιαλυών 3D.

Είναι μίας χρήσης, ή ακολουθείτε την ανεύθυνη πρακτική να τα δίνετε από τον έναν θεατή στον άλλον;

Γνωρίζουμε πως άτομα με έρπητα ήρθαν να παρακολουθήσουν στις αίθουσές σας -όπως και αλλού- την ταινία. Θα ήταν κρίμα για όλους, και κυρίως για τα ανήλικα παιδιά, ελάχιστες ώρες οπτικής ψυχαγωγίας να μας στοιχήσουν κάποια χρόνια μόλυνση.

-Village- Sur les traces de quelqu'un

Aka "I hope my story is not so boring"... Again and again and again...
Dude, for non policy makers you do follow the 3D glasses matter a lot...

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Karatzaferis - Georgiadis - Pleyris jr.

You can't say i didn't warn you about this illustration coming. For T. Kampylis article on Sunday 17 Jan 2010 Kathimerini.
This article being a kind'a second part to the previous one that got printed last week.

Pope Benedict

Athens Plus #82 Illustrations, (ye i used them both...) you've allready seen 'em of course, but not in their final stage/page.

For the full story click here, here and in PDF here.


Gday' mate!

Gday' Mate! don't be shy, iv'e seen all 19 hits ya know... Strange thing... it might take 4 long days to get an answer on a public health issue, while only a few hours are more than enough to have ya all here reading the entire Greek-Village-3D story again and again and again. No troubles, welcome, enjoy...

...Yes.., comments are more than welcomed. (click here for the entire 3D glasses greek issue...)

BTW, i just got word from Canada too, there, just like our friends from Down Under (where according to wikipedia the Village Cinema Headquarters are) they give back the 3D glasses only if they want to get them destroyed and recycled as plastic, instead of being handled over to the next poor guy.

Another interesting piece of info i got while surfing da net (wow, how 90's), was a comment in a mainstream blog stating that the 3D's glasses value was about 40-50$ (!!!!!) and that's the reason he should be cleaning them by himself to be fortunate enough to see the 3D movie...
DUDE! you can't get more "third world" than this!..
Well.. ya know, actually you can... you can bypass the US site that sells them (retail) for about 2.7$ and by them from the greek guy's site who's selling them 35­ euros!!!

It also stated that "the ones who at the beginning took their glasses with them where a few fortunate ones" ...ooops! hold down the horses ...50$ take away? At the beginning??? which beginning???... back when someone didn't know how much he can make jeopardizing public health? that beginning?

(I wanted sooo much to mispell that one... pubic health lol)

Anyway i'm asking some questions around, soon i'll be able to proove that 2 euros can very well be the price of each pair of glasses even if they where made in Switzerland. It all depends from the production quantity. And since the product can't be spoiled by time on the shelves the production quantity can hit the sky, while production cost can hit the floor... but that's another story.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Village Cinemas Herpes Inquiry, email reply II

Yup here we are, once again, with the Village Cinemas 3D glasses issue, latest development has been their new reply to my second email.

Dear Manos,
Thank you for your email.

I'm not to sure what happens with the 3D glasses at the Greece Cinemas, but at our cinemas in Melbourne, used 3D glasses are destroyed. If recycled, they are melted down and used to make future products. We do not hand out used glasses. Also, Village Cinemas Greece, is essentially a different company to us and as such they would have their own head office and policies in place.

Kind Regards, Simone Mottau

Yes, i finally did get written the answer i knew i was going to get, which means only one thing, that handing out used 3D glasses is defenetely not healthy (we didn't need no mail to assure us of this) and that is a Greek-Monkie-Business thing which unfortunatelly has contaminated all Greek Multiplex Cinemas as well.
Last but by all means not least what get preatty clear with this email is that in your ticket price is included the 1 and only use -by you- of the 3D glasses.

Told ya it'wasn't a UN matter after all.
Of course there will be more on this issue on following days.

}; )

The Secret Neo-Nazi School

LA.O.S president Karatzaferis, Georgiadis and Plevris Jr son of Plevris elder. Comic version of the "Secret School" painting.