Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Linocut 3a - Ahmedinejad

I'm calling this unsuccessful one "3a" since there will be a 3b Ahmedinejad, whom i hope come out better... I tried halftoning some facial space to get a 50% kinda gray with black and white lines, but it didn't come out as planned making Ahmedineja unrocognizable. I'm still uploading it cause i love the way the hair turnned out, it reminds me a lot of Karagkiozis traditional leather carvings.

I should also add that t'was made on grey Linoleum who's hardness is something between the cyan and the brown one. Since this is the one i can surely find both in quantity and variety of mesures, this will be the norm... i'd better get use to it : )

Did i mention that i wanted this with an Erdoghan for Athens Plus?

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