Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sex Car Add

Have I ever mentioned that i have a super cool uncle?.. Yeah, i do.
Have I ever mentioned that he has tons of good humor?.. Yeah, he does.
Have I mentioned that he has a car he wants to sell?... Yeah, he does.
Did i mentioned that I was the one that volunteered to make him the sale add?

Yeah, it's all greek t0 you, ain't it?

The sign reads: SEX... and now that i finally got your attention, this car is for sale, it's 2000 made, 1,800cc, leather seats, air condition, 100,000 Km, perfect condition, mechanic control welcomed. price 3,000 euro. Tel.: 6981...ecc ecc eccs

Add's got on just today, no, unfortunately the car is not sold yet (?!) but it does get a lot of attention, smiles, photographs and thumbs up.

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