Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Taxed Church... finally?

Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini 28 March 2010.

It seems that a discussion is finally opened on Church taxing and of course it would be a matter for controversy... even if much less compared to several years back. Unfortunately is Holy Week here in Greece, and moching those who don't want to get taxed, while acceptable, it should be done with a sensitivity i'm not equipped with...
So, first illustration (the red one) didn't make it, while it's obvious that i have an Orthodox priest in the Da Vinci (euro symbol) circle, still, there would be (undeniably) a fanatic bunch that would be more than happy to confuse it with crucifixion mockery... which brings us to Illustration No2, the Burberry priest, by my way of thinking, the more painless depiction of a class (like in this case) or etnicity either profit oriented or (like the Burberry Keffiyeh) spoiled by riches.
Unfortunately the rule is that either text or space do lack when needed... kinda like taxis... so a backround was added to fill up the available space.

Lots has been recycled here, starting with the Da Vinci circle, the priest too (older work not uploaded), the two headed eagle included. As for the Burberry plaid, that's both and old and a new story retold. And f course haven't you seen the backround before?

You can read more on it here, here and here in PDF. have fun ya'all.

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