Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Investment advice

Yo! mr. Wpp... you've spent so much time here it would be a pitty not to be able to make something outta nothing, here's an investment advice from me, 3D glasses that get to be handled over from one viewer to another are getting banned in Italy... STARTING TODAY!!!
...which... OMG don't tell me it includes Dolby 3D as well, is it?
Well read 'em and weep...
It might need a bit of time but eventually health related issues do affect other member states legislation...

Cheers ya all.... : )

P.S.: See, you're finally getting to know "Everything you always wanted to know about 3D glasses* - *But were afraid to ask"

P.S.2: Don't you hate being told... "I told you so..."

P.S.3: I'm still trying to communicate with Plinius Multisala in Italy (The place where the 3D glasses infection -that started the reusable 3D glasses ban- occured) to find out which 3D system they were using... in the mean time i did some investigating in Athens... yup Alice in Athens is only screened in Dolby 3D... i wonder what the screening technology in Italy might be..?

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