Monday, 15 March 2010

In the news: 3D glasses infection in Italy...

It seems that we have a first announcement of a 3D glasses infection, unfortunately it concerns a 3 year old girl who got a left eye -nut sized- infection after viewing Alice in wonderland. Corriere della sera and consumer rights layers Codacons report that in many theaters glasses are being handled over from one viewer to another more than 3 times per day without proper higiene procedures.

I tried to communicate via phone with the cinema where the incident occured but without luck, so i e-mailed them asking what 3D system (and glasses) they are using. In due time i'm thinking of communicating with Codacons too and possibly even provide them with the replies i got from contacted people, in case it would prove useful in the court of law, where the parents of the 3year old girl are taking their case... it seems also that while our and other european consumer rights groups and Ministers of Public Health are deep asleep, Italy's woke up... moody...

Below the new e-mail sent to the Milan 3D Theater where the health incident happened.

dopo aver tentato piú volte a contattarvi per telefono senza alcun successo, spero che sarete abbastanza gentili ad informarmi sul sistema 3D che usate presso il vostro cinema, Real D, Imax, Dolby, altro?

La ringrazio a priori.
Emmanuele Symeonakis

After trying many time to contact you via phone unsuccesfully, i hope you'll be polite enough to inform me which 3D system you use in your theatre, Real D, Imax, Dolby, other?

Thank you in Advance
Emmanouil Symeonakis

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