Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hello -again- Dolby

Thing is, the story about Italy banning the damn reusable 3D glasses sooner or later is gonna blow... on which side of the stick you as an investor would prefer to be?

Hello -again- Dolby, i just wanted to say i'm really, truly sorry, I definitely should have known better... You do remember, don't you, the 3 rethorical questions i mailed and posted... again and again...(since 23 February) yeah the ones below...

- Is Dolby capable to enforce its policies to exhibitors?
- Is Dolby able to at least control it's policies at the exhibitors level?
- Has Dolby any clue of what is going on through its exhibitors in any Country?
- and last, but not in any way least, who's accountable? Dolby or the exhibitors?

Well, thing is... I think i was unfair to you... the plain truth was standing right in front of me... and i kept missing it...
It seems that while incapable of enforcing it's health policies, Dolby proves itself more than able to monitor them around the clock/around the globe... how? Keeping a close eye on bloggers of course... they wouldn't look this surprised if they had other means... if any...

Is either this or... dude, you musta feel terribly lonely... do ya?

And speaking about monitoring... really, how safe should your average viewer feel, knowing that instead of looking through your client list to find out if Plinius Multisala (the place where the 3D glasses infection -that started the reusable 3D glasses ban in Italy- occured) was or not a client of yours, you look for it (and download the adress) at blogs!

Of course...

By the way... while Dolby surfs the net to find out who's technology Plinius Multisala used when the infection broke... here's an interesting article on Business Week... did i mention that Real-D 3D glasses are not reusable?

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