Friday, 12 March 2010


A lil something to keep you smiling on the weekend.

Which reminds me, i saw Alice in Wonderland... unfortunately in normal 2D screening since the 3D version was available only at Dolby 3D movies, where they handle the glasses over from one viewer to another... while not being capable of enforcing a sanitary procedure, for more about it read here (Greek -Dolby 3D system-Kosmopolis Theatre reply), here (Dolby reply), and here (Conclusions after their replies).

For the entire 3D trip, click here.

Why i'm telling ya? Oh i'd hate to dissapoint the one an only reader that keeps coming here just for this... aint'ya?

Happy Uneasy weekend ya'all. Oh.. by the way... P.S.: Thousands of REUSABLE glasses (Dolby 3D and IMAX alike) have been seized over health concerns and for not having the proper documentation in Italy, mind you... IMAX is the one whith the strict cleaning code.
Oh, so you know... i'll be diggin up for more...

Still awaiting the reply to my last rhetorical questions... since 23 February, and counting...

- Is Dolby capable to enforce its policies to exhibitors?
- Is Dolby able to at least control it's policies at the exhibitors level?
- Has Dolby any clue of what is going on through its exhibitors in any Country?
- and last, but not in any way least, who's accountable? Dolby or the exhibitors?

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