Friday, 19 March 2010

3D glasses: The Italian Job

Wow! really... i'm in your Google reader? wow again! mr. Dolby you surely know how to flater!.. you devil you...

But enough with our lil romance, lets get back to the basics.

If you se a lawer...i say... something has been done, if you see lots... something is about to happen... and something was realy about to happen.

I did yesterday comment the fact that "Plinius Multisala" adress and phone number was downloaded by the "Fellowship of the D" (imagine that with horror drippin' letters), and less than half a day after a Multiplex Movie Company in Italy got here and started snooping around... Of course i won't bother and maybe is a bit far off my reach to see if there's any connection between Plinius Multisala in Milan and the Multiplex Company in Rome, maybe even it's all a coincidence, after all, all Italian movies thanks to the reusable 3D glasses ban will probably be around the web gathering all possible piece of information... still how much of a man's belief system can be based on the existence of coincidences.

Unfortunately prior to that i could call Plinius Multisala -as i did- several times a day, get the unfortunate answering machine reply "see our programm online..." and still hope that eventually someone would pick it up and maybe answer my simple question... "what 3D screening system do you use, are the 3D glasses re-usable"?

After this "coincidence" an oral reply can't be trusted no more, and unfortunately we'll have to wait for the -binding- written one. In case the answer never comes, we can all nag about the fact that only a few days after a 3year old child got a serious eye infection Plinius Multisala won't comment consumer's health realted questions, bottom line is... would you trust them with your eyes?

P.S.: Of course you can always jump to conclusions...

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