Friday, 19 February 2010

Odeon laboratories - 2nd email

After seeing Dolby's enthusiasm slowly fade, my blog traffic falling, and me feeling lonely and blue, it seems all i had to do was ask the same question again...

Hi this is the second e-mail i send you since you have failed to answer to my first one, sent to you on Feb 11 2010. I too have read at your web site the Dolby 3D benefits, one of which is "less waste thanks to Dolby's reusable 3D glasses". I'd like to know before sending my kids to movies with your 3D system, what are the disinfection and sterilization procedures of the used 3D glasses. Thank you in advance for your sensibility in health related issues.

Below you can finad proof of my second e-mail to Dolby laboratories. I really wonder tho... what could ever delay that much (since 11 February 2010) their reply, don't they know their sterilizing products and procedures? Not even after consulting each other for so long?

Since on it, why not email for a 3d time Greek - Village cinemas... 3d time's a charm right?

Hi this is my third communication effort since you have failed to answer to my first and second one. Please, before we come to your chain to watch the Avatar movie, we'd like to be informed about your policy concerning the USE of 3D glasses.
Are they strictly for personal use or do you, too, follow the irresponsible practice of handling them from one viewer to the other.
We know people with herpes who came to watch the movie at your -and other- cinemas. It would be a shame for everybody, especially kids, if a few hours of optical leisure should cost a chronic disease contamination.

Below, proof of my 3d email to Village Cinemas Greece.

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