Thursday, 11 February 2010

Odeon Cinemas - Dolby 3D, checking their story out

So after talking to Mr. George Mourtis (previous post) i started diggin in at Dolby, indeed, their 3D glasses DO look different from the Village or Ster Cinemas ones... still it has to be cross checked if they are the same and only do look different.

Below a picture of the Dolby Site and a picture of the 3D glasses Village - Ster use, and can be found at Amazon.

Lower below you can see that they confirm their glasses being reusable and actually advertise it as a big ecologic breakthrow, so in this case handling over the glasses from one viewer to the other is not purely Odeon Cinema Chain's fault... still how hygienic can it be? And that's exactly what i e-mailed Dobly asking to find out.

Greetings, I too have read at your web site the Dolby 3D benefits, one of which is "less waste thanks to Dolby's reusable 3D glasses". I'd like to know before sending my kids to movies with your 3D system, what are the disinfection and sterilization procedures of the used 3D glasses.

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