Friday, 12 February 2010

i'm feeling Dolby surrounded...

(You can click here for the entire 3D story - mails, interviews, questions answers... you name it... like if you haven't allready}

After all those years of being a movie goer, i'm getting to know not only Dolby Surround, but Dolby Surrounding too.
Chill out will ya?

Honestly now, isn't it easier to just reply a customer's sanitary concern? After all, all I want is a simple answer.

Greetings, I too have read at your web site the Dolby 3D benefits, one of which is "less waste thanks to Dolby's reusable 3D glasses". I'd like to know before sending my kids to movies with your 3D system, what are the disinfection and sterilization procedures of the used 3D glasses.

It seems that my e-mail sounded a 3D international alarm, from Dolby USA headquarters... a bell rang to Dolby England (european headquarters)... oh, it rang of course to other parties too... Who?

WPP investments for instance, father of their well known child Burson-Marsteller, whom you might know from handling PR and crisis management for Videla the once dictator of Argentina, or Union Carbide or... ecc... ecc...

Now why should ever a company like Wpp investments care?
Cause their other child Ogilvy , is Dolby's PR.

Clear enough.

By the way... out of curiosity and just for discussion's sake none of all these MEGA-companies employers and employees alike, ever suggested that it might there be a lack of hygiene when handling over the 3D glasses from one viewer to another?

Plus, all this come and go (evidence below) seems more like damage control efforts instead of thinking how to reply to a customer's health concern.


P.S.1: Hurray for Dolby England, with more than 12 hours of viewing "Random Views" Blog. Second so far in 2010 only to Wpp who scores nearly 20 hours of visit lenght.

P.S.2: Of course other PR Companies just started reading... so we don't know yet the final score.

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