Thursday, 11 February 2010

I called Mr. George Mourtis - Odeon Cinemas

I just finished talking by phone to Mr. George Mourtis from Odeon Cinemas chain and he told me that the 3D glasses they use for their 3D films (Avatar ecc.) are not the same used by Village and/or Ster cinemas, and if I happen to go to watch the film at their Cinemas with 3D glasses provided by Village or Ster i couldn't watch it... Of course i'll investigate... }; )

I also asked him about their antiseptic procedure and i was told that their staff uses gloves when handling them but did not know which kind of antiseptic they use -since he is not a doctor-... but did tell me that they use the antiseptic that DOLBY provides them with...

Which leaves me with only one thing to do... e-mail DOLBY.


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