Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dolby thoroughly...

I'm more than willing to accept FDA's approval over Dolby's recommended washing procedure even if FDA means nothing if you are in Europe. As a matter of fact when it comes to health related issues entire decades can pass before a product gets National - or European approval indifferent to its FDA clearance.

Why? because i too have been lots of times eating out, with dinnerware that has been used before, still i feel totally safe knowing they've been washed with water and detergent (back in the past) or like nowadays under more strict sanitary procedures.

In mr. Derek Brookmeyer's mail, Dolby's sanitizing procedure is compared to the one IMAX uses, due to washing machine use and washing facilities, whereas IMAX has a central washing facility where exhibitors are required to use, on site (according to Slate -link provided by mr. Brookmeyer-), and therefore monitor both washing procedures as well as washing being applied at all.

Dolby on the other hand, seems to have left the responsibility of the washing procedure to the exhibitors via suggestions. In fact the word suggestion in mr.s Brookmeyer's mail is the most used appearing once every 3 lines... does that mean that they lack the means to enforce their FDA approved washing procedure? possibly

In the USA today link mr. Brookmeyer included in his mail we can read: (...)Dolby's glasses are also reusable. Each gives theater owners instructions on how to clean its reusable specs. and (...) Dolby suggests exhibitors simply buy a commercial dishwasher and clean them with soap and high heat.

In fact i only once saw a different word, in (also provided by mr. Brookmeyer) Slate: (...) Dolby laboratories demands that theaters use a commercial-grade dishwasher.
Not only Dolby, mr Brookemeyer, demands, i demand it to... unfortunately, the power to enforce my or your company's demands is kinda like virginity... you either have it or you don't.

In my communication with a greek Dolby exhibitor i was told that they use (...) the antiseptic that DOLBY provides them with...(...)
not your suggestions mr. Brookmeyer, nor your instructions, your antiseptic, whereas all your company seems to provide is mere suggestions.
I also find it extremely difficult to believe that the Greek exhibitor undergone the expense of a dishwasher and doesn't know to say anything about it... (click here for the greek exhibitor's mail and here for his oral reply).

So i guess my new questions are:

- Is Dolby capable to enforce its policies to exhibitors?
- Is Dolby able to at least control it's policies at the exhibitors level?
- Has Dolby any clue of what is going on through its exhibitors in any Country?
- and last, but not in any way least, who's accountable? Dolby or the exhibitors?

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