Monday, 11 January 2010

Village Cinemas Herpes Reply

Hi, everybody, good news are that Village Cinemas finally (4 days later) replied to my mail, don't keep your breath... they didn't really answer that much... or maybe they didn't actually want to answer. Anyway below you can find the answer i got and the second email i sent them.

(Click here to view the entire Village Cinemas 3D glasses issue)

To make a long story short, they gave me the Greek-Village email as a way to avoid explicity writing down their policy. If they too recycle 3D glasses why should they expose themselves to some guy from the other side of the planet. On the other hand if they do not recycle them out of health concerns why should they ever expose the Greek Village Cinemas... let 'em sort this one out themselves... they probably thoght.

After all what happens to Greece stays in Greece... doesn't it?

Village Cinemas Australia Answer

"Dear Manos,

Thank you for your recent email.
You have, however, emailed Village Cinemas Australia, and I feel you would be better served by contacting Village Cinemas Greece. Please find their contact details at the following website -
I hope this proves helpful, please contact us if you have any further queries.
Kind Regards, Matthew Farmer| Village Cinemas Customer Service"

Second email to Village Cinemas Australia

"Hi, this is the second email i send tou you (Village Australia) to ask about 3D glasses health policy since the answer i got to the first one has failed to provide any useful info. It might sound odd tou you but i do feel totally capable to find by my own the way to Village-Greece cinemas email. Village-Greece cinemas however are far from being Village cinemas headquarters and hence not the policy makers of the 3D-glasses-health-issue i emailed to ask you (Village-Australia) about.

Still awaiting your answer
Manos Symeonakis"

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