Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Village Cinemas Herpes Inquiry, email reply II

Yup here we are, once again, with the Village Cinemas 3D glasses issue, latest development has been their new reply to my second email.

Dear Manos,
Thank you for your email.

I'm not to sure what happens with the 3D glasses at the Greece Cinemas, but at our cinemas in Melbourne, used 3D glasses are destroyed. If recycled, they are melted down and used to make future products. We do not hand out used glasses. Also, Village Cinemas Greece, is essentially a different company to us and as such they would have their own head office and policies in place.

Kind Regards, Simone Mottau

Yes, i finally did get written the answer i knew i was going to get, which means only one thing, that handing out used 3D glasses is defenetely not healthy (we didn't need no mail to assure us of this) and that is a Greek-Monkie-Business thing which unfortunatelly has contaminated all Greek Multiplex Cinemas as well.
Last but by all means not least what get preatty clear with this email is that in your ticket price is included the 1 and only use -by you- of the 3D glasses.

Told ya it'wasn't a UN matter after all.
Of course there will be more on this issue on following days.

}; )


  1. What 3d glasses have in common with herpes?

  2. 3D glasses and herpes have nothing in common up to the moment you decide to ware the 3D glasses another guy (with herpes) had on his face before you.

    Of course you can also get Conjunctivitis in the same way.

    Now if you ask why on earth you should you ever ware 'em, -if someone other had'em on before you- the answer is "becouse someone want to make more money jeopardizing your health"... for more info click on the label "Scripta Manent" below each 3D glasses post.


  3. Thank you, most kind of you.

    Try and click the 3D glasses icon on the top, and you'll get the entire 3D glasses investigation.

    : )