Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Village Cinema Herpes Inquiry

Does Greek 3D mean that you can actually feel something growing to your face the day after?

Letter sent to Village Cinemas Headquarters, and here's the case.

"Hi, my friends and i were wondering, after being asked to return the 3D glasses we were wearing during the screening of AVATAR in Greece - Volos, what is your company's policy about them (3D Glasses).
It happens we do know some people with severe eye herpes and we'd like to know where your company morals on people's hygiene stands before we decide to send our kids to the next screening".

Odeon Cosmopolis Herpes Inquiry

Odeon Cosmopolis takes the 3D glasses back as well. In a phone inquiry (17.00) the staff couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't answer our questions when we asked about the health issue, and didn't told us whom to ask for.

Ster Cinemas Herpes Inquiry
Ster Cinemas inquiry (17.15) produced no results since there was only the guard to answer the phone... OMG i hope there is no herpes pandemic!!!

No special iquiry was made for H1N1, since the question was primely about herpes, nevertheless i think i should point out the fact that during the AVIAN FLU everithing even in public spaces was sterilized... today in the heart of the SWINE FLU pandemic, they take someone else's glasses and put it in your face... the Greek way }; )

European Certification
The original packagin had the CE (European Certification) Symbol wich means they were fabricated following European directives and standards. Without the original Packaging, non CE products can easily slip in...

After the screening of AVATAR at the city of Volos, people where asked to return their 3D glasses, wich have of course been already paid (2 euros - about 2.88 $). with 2.7$ being (after internet research) the retail price of much more fancy 3D glasses.

It's not cheapness, it's about consumers anger of not being able to see the bottom of the low cost-maximum profit barell. Where does it and where should it end?

My first thoght was: HEY! 2 euros? 2 euros are a hard days wage in most of Asia. Which means that for every pair of glasses you pay, the gross byer gets hundreds and the productor gets thousands... and still want yours back? why? how cheap can this be?

Worst yet, such math was reported commented as "their wage is U.N. matter not ours".
It could be, but, since none was ever employed for this specific work (to take the glasses, clean em (like airways do), and put them in a new packaging... it seems that Volos Village employers are doing this job without being paid extra and therefore without the proper extra pay in our social security. Wich leaves us without glasses and with less social security money. And here is where it stops being U.N. matter and becomes ours.
It seems that with greek employers, Greek-Volos employees can cost less than Asian workforce.

Of course when the hygiene matter comes in, you might even get a "that's another matter" comment... but it's not.

Recycling the glasses leaves someone with +2 euros per viewer in his pocket. If the +2 euro is made logistically to look like the cost of the glasses instead of the 3D tech... (which i am totally sure is not the case!..) someone could easily make 2 euro (glasses) + 2 euro (new glasses expences)= 4euro TAX FREE PER VIEWER... 1.000 - 1.500 TAX FREE PER SHOW, so, who cares for your health after all.

3D glasses are fabricated elsewere, so they can be cheap, and get to be for YOUR USE ONLY.
In fact at the begining they were made of paper... but a proper paper-print work in some Asian countries can cost more than plastic in some others, plus it couldn't be sterilized.

Last but not least, i've heard the justification "two euros is paid not for the glasses -which belong to the cinema- but for the 3D tecnology used". Not true too! Actually Avatar took 10 years in the making, so they would be sure that you'd drag your lil ass and got in there to see it, massively, so that in one single season, all possible new machinery used could be well paid for. Plus we enjoyed 3D movies back in the pre-digital era at the same price... why is that in the digital era that machinery costs hell less we should pay more?

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