Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Un-China love, baby set me free...

Ok, there goes down the drain my life dream trip to China, not be able to do it after all, not after the Chain-A illustration anyway...

Illustration for Athens Plus (you can also find it at voxversndaal blog).
The original idea, with the handcuffs was from Diplo Magazine which unfortunately is not anymore amongst us.
I'll try to find that issue tho and upload the name of the artist who drew the Google Handcuffs first, back in the day when Google was considering the censorship it should undergo in exchange of access to the huge China market.

The CHAIN A word-play is all mine.

Links to follow on Friday.

PS.: It seems like the entire story of China spying Gmail will end up giving a whole lotta new meaning to "chain mail"...


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