Friday, 29 January 2010

Turkish Newspapers on greek airspace breaches

Illustration for Sunday's Kathimerini. To make a long story short the turkish newspaper Taraf exposed the fact that the turkish generals started breaking in greek airspace aiming at destabilizing the country's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan. On this grounds Zaman a secular oriented newspaper advised its readers to keep reading the Taraf who's more islam oriented.

As you can see below i started drawing him reading newspapers with Buyukanit the general who mostly contested his policies (the newspaper used twice for the sketch is Saturday's kathimerini, since i had it ready from an older illustration) not everybody would recognize him tho, so i made a second version where he reads newspapers with Kemal Ataturk, father and eternal symbol of Secular Turkey.

Beneath them, as to serve like a table is the shadow i used for my first ever to get published illustration 3 years ago, which is the same -well a bit altered every time- i used on all Financial-Saturday illustrations.

More links on Monday, cheers.

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