Friday, 29 January 2010

The right to a fair trial...

Illustration for Athens Plus.

Andrew Symeou, 21 years old, tourist.

Accused of manslaughter.

Awaits his chance for a fair trial in jail, with convicted criminals at Korydallos maximum security prison.

Already 2 bail requests based on the fact that he was a foreign citizen where denied, although he had a temporary family home address in Greece. And now a third on the basis that he might repeat the same crime... mind you... he hasn't been found guilty, and ... well.. actually... he has not a clue on when he'll be granted his right to attend trial.

I still wonder, with this legal system, and with confessions still taken by means of torture, how could anyone ever consider this country a safe destination?
Unfortunatelly if people keep coming, and keep spending their money here, Greece will never feel the need to clean up her act.

If it's true that a country's civilizations is to be understood by the way it treats it's guilty, what does the way it treats the not guilty tell you about it?

I guess the Midnight's express is here instead.

Read all about it here, here or here in PDF

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