Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Making 3D glasses, Interview 1

Of course Greek Multiplex Cinemas haven't replied to my e-mails... the greek way of doing business i suppose... since it will be a cold day in hell before they do, i'll be posting some interviews i got from some interesting folks...
-I'll repost eventually the e-mails some day soon, but just for the fun of it...

Another in depth view at the 3D glasses and their cost... Just to prove once again that someone is lying his guts to you jeopardizing your healt for his personal wealth.

Random Views:
So, you've been in the mold business for quite as long as we know each other, give me details... i mean, everybody knows that making stuff in Asia can cost hell less, but, if we wanted could we eventually fabric these glasses in Greece? And at what cost?
Interviewed: You start by calculating the mold cost 'bout 30.000 euros keep in mind that in Greece the mold is double meaning it will produce you 2 glasses at each use, i'm saying that 'cause chinese factories the molds are X10 instead, wich translates in 10 glasses at each use...

Random Views: ...Then what? I add the workforce pay?
Interviewed: You calculate the material... in Greece you need 1.20 euro per Kg of this specific plastic, and don't forget you have also another material wich makes you view 3D stuff, and it has to be fabricated, cut and placed, with whichever means, still it will reach maximum double cost.

Random Views: Ok, let's stick at the glasses plastic frame for start, if i want to make only two (2) of them, it will eventually cost me...?
Interviewed: 30.000 euros (mold) + 1.20 euro (material) + workers pay

Random Views: I see, an if i want to build 40.000 plastic 3D glasses frames?
Interviewed: 30.000 euros (mold) + 1.20 euro per kilo (material) + workers pay

Random Views: Meaning that i can have 40.000 frames at the cost of 40.000 euros?
Interviewed: more or less, yes

Random Views: That means i can have the 3D glasses frame at 1 euro cost, yes?
Interviewed: yes, more or less... yes

Random Views: Lets suppose for discussions sake taht i want to make 400.000 or even better 4.000.000 3D glasses frames how much can the cost fall?
Interviewed: Per piece? oh... to the ground... plus for this big material quantities you will be made extreamly special prises...

Random Views: So what could be the final cost per piece for this quantities?
Interviewed: ...Cents...

Random Views: Wich leaves me enough money to fabricate, cut, place the 3D plastic in front of them and pay for the people who done it?
Interviewed: ...of course

Random Views: And the cost per piece will still be...?
Interviewed: ...Cents? yes...

Random Views: Thank you very much
Interviewed: Still i should add that for that quantity if you go to China instead of Greece you can have it all at one third of the greek price...

Random Views: Less than pennies?
Interviewed: yeees, less than pennies...

Two more interviews on the 3D glasses matter to follow.

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