Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gday' mate!

Gday' Mate! don't be shy, iv'e seen all 19 hits ya know... Strange thing... it might take 4 long days to get an answer on a public health issue, while only a few hours are more than enough to have ya all here reading the entire Greek-Village-3D story again and again and again. No troubles, welcome, enjoy...

...Yes.., comments are more than welcomed. (click here for the entire 3D glasses greek issue...)

BTW, i just got word from Canada too, there, just like our friends from Down Under (where according to wikipedia the Village Cinema Headquarters are) they give back the 3D glasses only if they want to get them destroyed and recycled as plastic, instead of being handled over to the next poor guy.

Another interesting piece of info i got while surfing da net (wow, how 90's), was a comment in a mainstream blog stating that the 3D's glasses value was about 40-50$ (!!!!!) and that's the reason he should be cleaning them by himself to be fortunate enough to see the 3D movie...
DUDE! you can't get more "third world" than this!..
Well.. ya know, actually you can... you can bypass the US site that sells them (retail) for about 2.7$ and by them from the greek guy's site who's selling them 35­ euros!!!

It also stated that "the ones who at the beginning took their glasses with them where a few fortunate ones" ...ooops! hold down the horses ...50$ take away? At the beginning??? which beginning???... back when someone didn't know how much he can make jeopardizing public health? that beginning?

(I wanted sooo much to mispell that one... pubic health lol)

Anyway i'm asking some questions around, soon i'll be able to proove that 2 euros can very well be the price of each pair of glasses even if they where made in Switzerland. It all depends from the production quantity. And since the product can't be spoiled by time on the shelves the production quantity can hit the sky, while production cost can hit the floor... but that's another story.


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