Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Deleted blog entries

It happens every Thursday, i post the Athens Plus illustration and with it a text telling ya'all that Athens Plus link will be available to ya the day after.

When the day after comes and i upload the links, what i hate the most is deleting the previous day's text and replacing it with the links.
It's a blog, text shouldn't be replaced, it should be there for all to view what's been canceled.

Unfortunatelly the a LINE THROUGH style doesn't exist on Blogspot... so...

try and place in "edit Html" entry mode: span style="text-decoration: line-through;" between these <> prior to the phrase you want to cancel, and they should finally do the trick.

Why i'm posting this here? for easy reference of course, as i did with the target="_blank=" Html rule, which, even if you haven't noticed, is what does the trick and opens every clicked link in new window.

}: ) cheers

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