Friday, 29 January 2010

A 3D answer - Ster Cinemas Herpes Inquiry Reply

Yup, that's right, the picture above is what i got the first time i tried to communicate with the Ster Cinema Chain, and obviously thought that my first communication effort had gone down the drain.

The same can be said for Village Cinemas Greece and Odeon chain, without a big-stuff-web-site problem interfering, just their plain unwillingness to reply.

...all there was left to do i guess was... retry! And what ya know... suprise suprise... i got myself an answer!

I sent a "your site has problems" email and i got the answer i asked at my first mail which i thought lost in the world wide web.

And what's more unexpected... i got the answer i was praying for!!!

which translates: "Good morning, the 3D glasses provided by Ster Cinemas are for one use and come seald in a nylon package".

If i remember right ( and i do remember!) Village-Greece (Volos) tickets were supposed to cost 2 more euros than normal movies as a form to repay the technology applied, why then the same doesn't apply to Ster Cinemas? I mean Hey! it's the same damn movie!

And just for discussion's sake, this (below) was found in Amazon...

P.S.: I'm not done yet, i still owe you 2 Interviews.

}: ) Cheers

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