Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 timetable

And of course where better could Roman Polanski and Karzai meet and get printed, if not on the 2009 timetable infographic.
For Sunday Kathimerini 3 Jan 2010.

Decade Retrospective

Remember the smiling Berlusconi that got changed to fit on Athens Plus? Well here he is again recycled to get position 15 on the 2009 retrospective infographic of 3 Jan 2010 Sunday Kathimerini.

World Agenda

Just when i thoght i was done posting for 2009... It seems that i'll be posting all day long.
Do you remember a good ol' Dalai Lama i did July?
Well i got him recycled too, finding his place between the next year's World Agenda's infographic "to do" list.

For 3 Jan 2010 Sunday Kathimerini.

Last farewell

Yesterday night, Greece's most controversial reporter Nikos Kakaounakis died.
Still one of the most fair employers i ever worked for.


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

George Papandreou Junior Green Car-Taxes

George Papandreou Junior Green Car-Taxes. Be sure not to miss the retrospective link below.

Now, if i'm not mistaken this should be the last 2009 Illustration.

Happy New Year Everybody, should be back back on 4 or 5 of January 2010.

'Till then cheers ya'all. }: )

P.S.: I've been blessed with last minute more space so i made it taller than originally planned.

P.S.2: The last one below is a second thoght i had after givining the illustration... maybe i'll post it on the Blog...

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Car taxes

Originally made for the tax-page of Saturday Kathimerini of 7 March 2009. Decided to recycle it under the weight of 2010 extreme car tax costs.

Below, more Saturday tax-page series vehicles.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Touched by greatness

And here is the last Athens Plus Illustration (Retrospective here).
You can read about it here, here and in PDF here.

holy leaves

Just back from my short holidays, thoght of uploading the last Illustration (25 Dec 2009).
You can read about it here, here or in PDF here.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Stop Press!

Final Berlusconi verion i said?...

umf... it's been bugging since the morning the facte that i didn't made a change i wanted on Berlusconi's face, and kept bugging me up to the moment i gave the page "ok".
I stopped the page, made the change i've been thinking since yesterday evening, and send him on his way... better now right?

you can read about it here, here and in PDF here.

I'm soooo glad i did it! }: )

The curious case of the Greek civil war

The curious case of the Greek civil war Illustration for this (20 Dec '09) Sunday Kathimerini.
Below a money-holy lef illustration for next Sunday's (earlier out -25 Dec '09- due Christmas ) Kathimerini issue.

I've drawn two extra holy leaves in case some ornament is needed for Athens Plus Top right corner.

Berlusconi, Issue 79

Final Athens Plus #79 Berlusconi's page.
More links tomorrow, but with the vacations in between you can never be sure.


}: P

>>> Hi! It's me! I'm Back from the Future!... it's JAN 07, 2017, today, and i've been contacted by Artsy, for the Shepard Fairey tecnique, and was asked to put a link on my blog so people can see how Newton's Cause & Effect Physics Law works in international art and beyond... more than happy to do so... will put the same link at Athens Plus page above where the final portrait was printed. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Berlusconi and Karamanlis

Xmass are just around the coroner... (!) so i'm doing double issues Illustrations, a fortunate thing was Berlusconi getting hit since i had him allready drawn and ready since the "Rignt to know, Right to Inform" rallies back in October, just for the blog... and now he gets to wear the "bad-luck-red-tie"... lucky him.

Karamanlis Illustration on the other hand was, yes, ready too, but from last year, a second -better- actually version that didn't get to be neither printed nor seen by anyone since the article changed...

No, not all i did was searching for the spirit of illustrations-past... i also drew a very good Karamanlis yesterday (below) who unfortunatelly does not look good in the Fairey way since he's more drawn than stencil-cut-out. (Below the drawing, the "lights" and the rejected by me version).

>>> Hi! It's me! I'm Back from the Future!... it's JAN 07, 2017, today, and i've been contacted by Artsy, for the Shepard Fairey tecnique, and was asked to put a link on my blog so people can see how Newton's Cause & Effect Physics Law works in international art and beyond... more than happy to do so... will put the same link at Athens Plus page above where the final portrait was printed. Enjoy.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Blogspot sms failure

Unfortunately the Blogspot "sms to e-mail" feature doesn't work for non U.S. mobile numbers, which unfortunatelly sends us back to square No1

}: (

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Message from My Mobile


(Unfortunatelly greek's not supported for the old Nokia 3330, so the above message came incomplete and in upper case letters, good thing is that i can upload english txt)

Below the picture of the old title "message from WIND mobile", which is auto-generated for WIND mobile e-mails.

To make things more complicated i discovered while experimenting with mobile e-mail blog post that the good old NOKIA 3330 e-mails we used to send via mobile 10 years back (wow), are not supported any more, they've been replaced with some new e-mail via sms to #19597, of wich i'm curious to see the final charge/cost.

The good side of it that you can actually send a good 180 characters blog entry, instead of the 101 e-mail characters that were supported on the old "online"/e-mail NOKIA3330 feature.

On the bad side, (1) only english text is supported. (2) only upper case characters (3) you can't save the private/blog e-mail address to your cell database and send the e-mail directly, instead you must write: "EMAIL#your_private_blog_email#the email message you want to send 180 characters" and send it as sms to 19597 wich relays the sms to your private/topsecret blog email adress to see it posted. Wich raises security/privacy issues evidently unknown to WIND and probably other greek cell companies as well.

Why was the original feature changed at the first place?
For the same reason greek cell companies stopped supporting the good ol' ICQ cell messaging, where you could send an sms (normal sms charge) to a number ICQ provided to get it on your ICQ chat window and reply to it without charge (ICQ did'nt want to get any money for the service, assuming that such a feature would make it more competitive betwin chat platforms).
Whereas greek cell companis thoght more profitable to re-baptise the service e-mail mobile feature and charge it more than an sms both to sender and receiver. To make a long story short, they took an already existent service, change it's name and charge you more and twice... when the e-mail charge should apply only to messagges containing Pictures, Audio or Video attached }; )

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Xmass in Athens

A gem i found wile Googlin' around da net to find the Greek Tourism Organization poster i used on yesterday's Illustration.

But it made me think that it must be now more than 5 years that i don't do any shopping in Athens center... it's like a freakin' junta outta there, and every year it's growing...
It didn't start with last year's riots, it's every day, every month, every year, like if someone had this really silly idea to fight unemployment with some cheap meters of green cloth a shield and a stick instead of investing on something... on anything as far as i am concerned, and its slowly growing... it's more riot police outta there than people... without anyone asking where does all this stop?

It's hardly leaving any space to breath... Christmass mood? ha!
We just close our noses and dive.

Yup, this year too, xmass tree on Syntagma will be full of riot police...
Someone must have been cursing this place really bad, there's no other explanation in seeing it end up like this.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Body of Cyprus president stolen from grave

Now this i call once in a lifetime odd news!!!

Grave robbers stole the corpse of former Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos after digging up his coffin on the eve of the first anniversary of the statesmen's death, police said Friday.
More on AP.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

...and answers...

Answers to questions... Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini (13 Dec. 09).
you can read about it here, here, and/or in PDF here.

Greek daily protests and Copenhagen climate conference

Illustration for #78 Athens Plus, and Reuters graph revisited.
You can read more about both on this week's Athens Plus, here, here and in PDF here.

}: ) cheers

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tourism poster replica

Greek Tourism 2009 logo, replicated (just slightly different), for Athens Plus.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Early (below), and later versions of the same random thoght that could probably fit on Sunday's paper. I think the first one should be the one to get printed, since the flag in the backround it makes it look like the greek 40's WWII liberation drawings.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Alex grigoropoulos, one year after II

Athens Plus page 10, with Alex's Illustration. Issue's 77 Index, and below pages 6 & 7 with the graphs about greek politic tendencies.
You can read about it here (site), here (Inside Greece blog) or here in PDF.