Saturday, 31 October 2009

Geroulan.OS 1.0.3.. doh!

I'm sure ya'a'll be very happy to know that finally our Minister of Culture Pavlos Geroulanos, found his way around and yesterday (ye!) uploaded his full name and CV at our Ministry of Culture site. Of course, two days have passed and although he does know english (according to his CV), he uploaded only a Greek version of it... of course...
Thank God he ain't no Minister of defence!!!

Friday, 30 October 2009


Illustration for Sunday Kathimerini. Below the coat of arms of Gagauzia and a Greek-ized version (with the greek central theme -cross shield- in it) wich i stopped developing, since altering a national symbols was not the point. Links as usual on Monday.

enjoy yar weak...end. }: p

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Nick Griffin on BBC, the greek case

Illustration for Athens Plus Issue #72.
Below you can see the lucky and unlucky illustrations. From here you can jump to Inside Greece and read this and much more, while, like every Friday afternoon you can have it in PDF too, here and here. Enjoy

Among other things...

A sad reminder of how Wikipedia does know everything... found this gem while looking at PASOK's wikipage.

So sadly true it made me shout: "And you're telling me NOW!?"

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Greek National Library... unavailable

Yeah it's 28 October 2009, and here it's OXI (ohi) day celebration.

Oddly enough the NLG (National Library Of Greece) site, today, of all days, the number one (maybe two) day of National remberance, is (of course) "unavailable" making any attempt of research in OUR NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE impossible.

The Proud Greek Minister of Education is Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou.

The Proud Greek Minister of Culture at the moment is Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos.

The Proud Director (according to Wikipedia) of our National Library is Ms. Aikaterini Kordouli.

Congratulations ya'all!

P.S.1: Disturbingly enough, the site of the British National Library is working!!!.

P.S.2: Last but not least, in case you were wondering who our Minister of Culture might be, it's Mr. Geroulanos, and I should add that up to now, has failed to even honour us by uploading his own name on the Ministry of Culture site...

Nick Griffin on BBC

Random views about Griffin on BBC.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009


The after-election drama and its main actors, just 19 days after the 4 October Big Chill.

Illustration for Athens Plus issue #71, you had your preview... and here's the real thing.
As always, you can read the article below, here (Inside Greece blog), here (Athens Plus) and here (Athens Plus PDF).

Enjoy }: )

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hasta la Vectorial, siempre!

Vector illustrations, stats and graphs. Some got used and some did not. So today two years after their creation, i'll give them to Panos, in hope that sooner or later they'll get their chance to be recycled and re-printed, instead of forgotten in some desktop folder among hound-dreads of other stuff. Some got used in Kathimerini, while some are still in use in Athens Plus.


First thoght was drawing a card deck with the WWII chief actors of the Balkans (some portraits will be uploaded in later posts). The trouble is that only a few (if any) would recognize Zogu, the ex king of Albania.
So i made this ... but changed it to a lower key alternative (the one with the map) that will get printed instead.
This will be kept here and maybe get uploaded to the blog too.
JO! means NO in Albanian, and it was drawn to honour those whou didn't join Mussolini's attack on Greece during WWII, and joined the greek liberation effort instead.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

burning desires

Just a "talking heads" preview of Athens Plus #71 illustration (out on Friday 23 Okt).

Friday, 16 October 2009

Rosebud '99

Now this... yeah, this can be easily called good ol'fashion post-apocaliptic clean churchgoing family fun.

did i actually said all that?
enjoy it, while it lasts. Below on the right two older prints sharing the same atmos..fear

Made for Sunday Kathimerini, December Riots through the rosebud kaleidoscope.
Links and blog, Monday afternoon, or you can read the article on the page-picture below... if it's not all Greek to you...

cheers }; )

Nibbling the Nobel

New illustration for Athens Plus Issue #70, tomorrow i'm gonna upload links to it too. (PDF No70 here)
Papandreou's head was ready from last time, all i had to do is add an Oscar, and if you look closely and compare him with his old self, you'll notice i changed some details on his clothes, shield's ready from last time too.

Obama on the other hand, has risen from Tsipra's ashes, but with totally different clothes, nobel prize is new too. I thoght i could use the first Obama illustration head but... nuh uh, drew a second... a third (not available here) and finally the last one that got printed.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Down with the Junta!

According to Associated Press, it seems like "Honduran factions agree on key point in talks", the most significant breakthrough since the June coup d'etat.

Tolda ya' it wouldn't get much longer. }: )

And t'was really the only way out of the mess plus legitimisation of the upcoming elections.

With Zelaya in Honduras, Tegucigalpa under curfew and media (well... not all -right?) gagged, whatever the november elections result no country would ever recognize it (except of course of yours trully...), leaving Honduras in the same mess she's allready in. Zelaya's return, seamingly a win-win situation, it's hardly as much, in no way Zelaya will be granted full power restitution (actually no leader has, 1 month prior to elections), if he does, he'll be only acting his part of a "victory of the people" show, since -one month to the elections- Micheletti only needs his legitimisation, not his rule.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

new masthead

Out of the blue... in with the new, out with the old.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Just a random thoght about the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Monday, 12 October 2009

National Elections 2009, recycling

During the weekend some illustrations got recicled for blog use.
For the "Pope... andreou card deck" article click here or here for pdf.
For the "Habemus papam" here.

Oh! by the way...
for the final results of 4 October 2009 Greek National Elections click here.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

National Elections 2009, keeping score

I love it when a plan comes together!..
Now this is luck!!!
I'm sure you've seen George Papandreou as high priest of greek politics before, actually more than just once. The Pope hat? oh yeah that too. It was made for a post concerning the catholic entanglement in the Honduras Coup'd'etat. His Head was drawn for Athens plus No. 69. Illustration, which was originally made with the head used on previous Pope Papandreou the 3d (link available above).
Kostantinos Karamanlis (not the uncle) was used before too, yup, third time's a charm. His hat was pretty used too, while the flame on it got to travel furthermore. Party signs were also made for the "weakest link" illustration in Athens plus No. 68.

Couldn't ask for more luck, right? WRONG!... unfortunately it got to be printed on a black&white page... anyway i'll just upload the colored one here and at the blog.

More of it on Monday. Enjoy.

Public Image, copy-paste

Now and then, here and there...

Illustration for Athens Plus No. 69, Obama - Captain america on the other hand was an illustration for Athens plus No. 32, available (like all past Athens Plus Issues) in PDF here.
Boy! does time fly...

Captain America, except the Obama head, was actually an identical replica (image found on google) made with the same technique i used several years for vinily record covers renovation. I'm tellin' you there are no "useless talents", everything turns around on due time. The head used is version #2.

George Papandreou on the other hand, is mine all mine, i made a second version for his head too, the first version was from the "Wikked links" post. Originally the Shield was an idea made just for fun, that apparently got lucky.

You can read the article here, or download the entire PDF here or here.