Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Roman Polanski

Question in Polanski Arrest: Why Now? [IHT]

[DW] (...) Polanski, now 76, pleaded guilty three decades ago to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He fled the United States in 1978 before sentencing and has never returned, even missing the Oscar award for "The Pianist" in 2003.
But fellow-director Krzysztof Zanussi's controversial comments in Polanski's favor have caused a stir. "If he (Polanski) wasn't a famous personality, the fact that he used the services of a teenage prostitute 30 years in Los Angeles, a city known for its free and easy morals, wouldn't have any impact today," Zanussi said in a television interview. (...)
What about it? And Why Now?

Guardian: (...) But all the rumours of a legal settlement that would allow Polanski to return to America and to work in Los Angeles have come to nothing. The original guilty plea has still to be sentenced. In addition, Polanski has broken bail. And now Zurich, and Switzerland, have set the game in motion again by remembering that as a civilised nation Switzerland has its part to play in the cause of law and order. Next thing we know, the Swiss will be divulging secret bank accounts (...).

Look who's talkin'

Stelios Papathemelis decided to crawl out to the (head) light to remind us of his lil Party, which according to his own words ... "always fought the system"... yeah right... go figure.

Greek National Elections 2009

And this is pretty much all the innovation you'll get to see, once the polls of 4 October close.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Summit of The Living Dead

Right! Like if the whole recession atmosfear waz'nt enough, from the whole damn world you go an pick Pittsburgh for the G-20 Summit. Way to go!

P.S.On the "Way to go" i wanted to upload the "Directions to the Summit Link" but even if late they took it down. But i got proofs, uploaded below (look for "directions to covention center") on the last picture.

; )

Wanna bet they'll upload it right back -like nuthin ever happended-when the summit is over and gone? keep trying on the blue link.



The black got printed, the white with the black background was a later creation just for the blog.
Originally i wanted it to look like the McMafia engraving, unfortunatelly, shortage of space made the run-around drawing the only possibility for bigger dimension print.

More links on monday }: )

Moday's links: You can read the article here and here, or you can download the PDF here or here.

Enjoy : )

Racism and Intolerance report

The European Commission Against Racism And Intolerance (ECRI) has released three new reports examining racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance in the Czech Republic, Greece and Switzerland...

Links for more observations and PDF reports for each individual country.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tsipras Revisited

It all started here (Heads and Tales No2).
Then it evolved into the two separate cards posted below, but i wanted something else, something more than a sword, in one case, and just empty hands in the other, so i thoght it would be ok if i borrow a lil something.

Lower Below you can see Synaspismos and Syriza logos cartoon...ized, adittions to the belts of the final version cards.

BTW, this illustration is for Athens Plus No 67. that you can also download in PDF.
}: ) cheers


Debate Part 2

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Oh Yes, We Can!

Ousted Honduras President, Emanuel Zelaya back in the country (Brazil's Embassy).

Micheletti... Constitutional Crisis THIS!

T'was about time... sooner or later now, it'll be over.


Friday, 18 September 2009

"Public Issue" & Athens Plus: Pre-Elections Assesment

For the full pre-electoral feeling, sink yar teeth in'eer.

Between the lines

Theodoros Pangalos, and the blue school writing books.

Once again we got a grayscale page so guess what... i'm gonna put the colored one here and at the blog.

You can read the article here or download the PDF from here or here Enjoy.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Run Forest Run

This week's Athens Plus (Issue No 66) illustration, links and more as always tomorrow.

In the meantime feed on this (preparation drawings)

Additions: This issue of Athens Plus can be downloaded from here, and here (Athens Plus - eKathimerini) where you can find also past downloadable Athens Plus issues.

Enjoy }; )

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Heads and Tales... all you 're gonna get till the elections are over...

That'll teach you!.. or no?

Jose Delmer Urbizo, No2.

Right from the moment i drew these two Joses, I knew i was bound to upload the wrong one!

I don't think the previous one looks good in such small size, plus this one ...dunno... seems to fit better in the storyline. makes the threat "I'll be back" sound so much more... ummmh.. fluffy?

P.S.: ...And the lil one below? last moment addition, No 3... This one got saved from the bin, while well made (i love the detail under the eyes) i dunno maybe t'was the double line (thin-fat) that made me thing t'was better to toss him... but you dont toss a Jose Delmer Urbizo that easily... do you?

He might want to come back. }; )

Perhaps this one should be cleaned up from thin lines and used for a colored version... maybe in the future...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Attaboy! UN Human Rights Council Suspends Honduras

Honduras ambassador Jose Delmer Urbizo got expelled yesterday from the UN Human Rights Council after Latin American countries (Brazil, joined by Argentina, Mexico, speaking for the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, and Cuba) said he was a representative of the de-facto government after President Manuel Zelaya was deposed, and therefore not qualified to attend.

According to AFP, security personnel had to escort him out while he stood up and told the 47-member Council: "I will be back"

The dispute over Urbizo's credentials held up Monday's opening of the 12th session of the Human Rights Council for about five hours. during wich a fax from the Foreign Ministry of Zelaya's government addressed to UN chief Ban Ki-moon was produced, stating that the deposed president had ordered that Urbizo's accreditation be "cancelled."

Brazil: Maria Nazareth Farani Azevedo: "Brazil would like to have a confirmation that the delegation of Honduras, present in the meeting, represented the constitutional and legal Government of President Zelaya, which was the only Government that Brazil recognised.

Argentina: Lberto J. Dumont: said the Government of Argentina had clearly expressed its rejection of the coup d'état against the constitutional order in Honduras and for that reason it had called on many occasions for the restoration of the elected Government of President Zelaya.

Mexico (On behalf of Group of Latin American And Carribean Countries [GRULAC])
: Juan Jose Ignacio Gomez Camacho: said that Latin America had seen illegal violations of constitutional order in one of its member countries. Latin America had fought to consolidate democracy in the region and was not willing to commit any people to undergo undemocratic changes.

Rodolfo Reyes Rodrigez: Stated that genuinely authentic documents presented by the authentic authorities of Honduras (The Foreign Minister nominated by President Zelaya) dismissed the representative currently in Geneva.

For the UN press release, here.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Christian Poveda's trail to death

From all -up to now- descriptions, emerges the fact that Poveda drove from "La Campanera" (where he filmed) to the place of his murder.

Times Online: (...) Police say that Poveda was driving back from filming in La Campanera, an overcrowded ghetto that is a stronghold of the Mara 18 gang, when he was apparently ambushed(...).

La Campanera
Latitude 13°44'9.17"N, Longitude 89° 8'0.87"W
Poveda murder site
Latitude 13°46'20.96"N, Longitude 89° 7'54.86"W

Sources: Policia Nacional Civil, El Diario De Hoy, la prensa grafica, El Mundo , Poveda's Photo from "Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck".

The Nationalist Pashmina

George Karatzaferis, President of the Greek Nationalist Party LA.O.S. (People's Orthodox Rally). Unfortunatelly it's on a grayscale page, so i'm gonna use the colored one (as allways) on the blog.
The leopard pattern for the pashmina, was googled and discovered at Cherry Media.

Monday Additions: You can read the article here or here, or you can download the PDF from here or here. Enjoy.

Christian Poveda

Christian Poveda.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Meet Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. It's only fair to upload him, since today (090909) is the opening day for Dubai Metro.

PS.: Don't miss the "9" animation.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Christian Poveda. Looking down the lion's throat

Christian Poveda the filmmaker who documented Salvadoran gang violence murdered.
The body of journalist Christian Poveda, whose new documentary on Salvadoran street gangs (La vida loca) was scheduled for wide release this month, was discovered Wednesday afternoon. The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Salvadoran authorities to thoroughly investigate the slaying.
More on IFEX.

The Guardian.: (...) After the last of our many jousts with Jean-Marie Le Pen, he was gleeful. "On l'a baisé bel et bien," he said. ("We really screwed him …") He was pleased when the film was shown at many festivals throughout the world. It became one of ARTE's most successful films, and it was used in journalism schools as an illustration of how to cover racists without permitting them to evade responsibility for their views.(...)

(...) Last week, La Vida Loca was about to be released in France. Christian had called friends, expressing worries that pirated DVDs were freely available. He had heard that many in the gangs, as well as the police force, weren't happy with the film. But he went filming in Tonacatepeque, a barrio 10 miles outside San Salvador. On his return, he was ambushed and, seated in his car, shot several times in the head. A gang member was arrested by the police. "Christian is just one of the 10 who will die today," a Salvadoran photographer wrote in the internet newspaper El Faro. "If you look long enough down the throat of the lion, he will eat you."

Lubna Hussein

Lubna Hussein freed, but only as a way to stop her challenging the law.
The fine (200$) was paid without her knowledge by the Journalist Union, which is headed by a member of the ruling party. (!?).
Mohieddin Titawi, the head of the Journalist Union, said he paid the fine out of duty toward a member of the union. "I didn't get permission from the government or from Lubna," he said from Khartoum. "I know my duty very well and I intervened to get a journalist out of prison".
Lubna Ahmed Hussein told the BBC she did not want to "give the verdict any legitimacy" by paying the fine.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Friday, 4 September 2009

Stalin No 2a & 2b

The new version of Stalin for Sunday edition, in black and white for a grayscale page.
...but i got tempted and colored him, gotta admit it looks good on RGB.
Check here the "Stalin No1" color version. More links to follow on Monday.

Monday Additions: You can read the article here or download the PDF from here or here. Enjoy.