Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Burberry Keffiyeh

A lil something from Dubai. Just like the "In the lies of the beholder" post, where "The happy trio", was photographed - hijacked and replicated from the Dubai Mall walls... applies the same for the "shopping woman"

Friday, 28 August 2009

In the lies of the beholder

Driver: "Dubai No1 place in the world with no crime at all, look around... see, no graffiti..."

That was rude enough to rub this turist the wrong way, in fact the Headlines on the background are from that week's local newspapers.

The happy trio, is photographed - hijacked and replicated from the Dubai Mall walls... And that's exactly where graffiti in the UAE hide, indoors. Outdoors, a spraycan is only as good as the construction marks in need.

Which does raise questions about "public space" versus "private-commercial", as well as Art versus Add. Questions, busy Shop-till-you-drop people don't bother answering.

Beneath the construction fever, hidden well, are the people that made the miracle happen... can you name ONE? ONE! One architect? One Interior designer? A Painter? A graffiti artist? An art director of something?... anything?
Graffiti artists -sequently- even less.

Time efficency and low cost, dictate the use of digital prints instead of murals, in cases where graffiti is applied, street art is taken to its extremes. More time than the streets precious little and luxury materials, work wonders to drool on...
Still ther's a logo instead of an artist's signature, and a prepaid idea instead of a spontaneous one... to push things further, you're on private commercial space instead of your public...
Don't let yourself be fooled... it's just another add!

And that's so Sadd }; )

P.S.: These days i keep myself busy thinking about a woodcut. I promise tho this is gonna get stenciled and its gonna get big insted of the digital version I made for the blogpost... some day...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The curious case of John Demjanjuk

John Demjanjuk


Neda Agha-Soltan

Much Ado About Nothing

To be honest, t' wasn't expected much.

The Micheletti effect.

John Berberian

While looking for patterns, I remembered a floral I made 'bout 10years back for a double LP collection of John Berberian.

It's the Ottoman Tulip, wich i found behind the old 1,000 Turkish Liras, and, originated from the Top Kapi Palace.

Pattern... alism

Now and then, here and there.

Dividers where taken from old-book stuff that i found in these two sites (chek 'em out here and here.) The Illustrations have fallen in the public domain but polished and streamlined version -on their sites- are copyrighted to them. These however were polished and streamlined by me, myself and I, so feel free to grab what you wish...
bigger? Sure! Just ask and i'll send you the illustrator file. cheers.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In absentia 2

Since I had 'em, why not make somethin' useful... Mind you, it's no laughin' matter, chances are that the lil waterthrowing plane in the lil glass snow-ball will be the only one you'll see, if your lil glass snow-ball house should ever need one.

P.S.1: In Indy's own words "It's Not the Years, Honey, It's the Mileage"... twist and turn it as you like.
P.S.2: Click here to discover how far my flames went... In absentia of course.

Monday, 24 August 2009

In absentia

Out of sight Yeah,
out of mind?.. Nay

While away: Google two pics, fuse'em and voilà.

P.S.: No i don't know who took the pictures, found'em floating on da web, that's why i didn't sign the photo-fusion. but i think i should do something like this for the 090909 Dubai metro

Remember the "Flame portion No9"? Well, it got -in absentia- used too.
You can read about it here and here (PDF page 20) in greek, or here in english.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Same as it ever was

A promise kept.

Wiki-d verses

A. A random link about the treachery of perception.

B. Last chance to find out what you always wanted but felt embarrassed enought to ask, about car body styles.

C. Irony of perception. What troubles me the most is that anyone could be at the same cartoon saying the exact same things (and i'll upload him too since misery loves company). Just like roman statues, all you have to do is replace the head. It is "one size fits all" world after all.

D. Oh And last but not least...
What did Micheletti answer to Zelaya when he asked if he could make a non-binding referendum?
No, te pro Coup es...
}; )

E. Click here* to find out what here* is all about.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Rape, rape, rape!!!

Someone's started shoutin'.
You can link to them live from here.

Exporting the coup

As from 07Aug wikipedia doesn't list the Honduras coup as a coup anymore but as "Honduran Constitutional Crisis" which if i'm not mistaken is what the junta's progadanda is trying to persuade the world about.

Its neutrality of course is disputed due to the corrective mechanism of wiki, still... "constitutional crisis" is hardly a title under which both parts of the dispute could feel comfortable if you bare in mind all the international condemnation the military action provoked.

In the same time under "constitutional crisis" you can read a vast list of crisis of all times and places, still, except Caesar's coup (Doh?!) and Micheletti's -of course- when the use of the armed forces occured it was called with its correct name -exactly- a COUP. Plus, oddly enough the elected president Zelaya results "arrested" insted of ousted...

Under the Coup d'état article, on the other hand, we (still?) can find a "step by step" description of what a coup d'état consists in. And, since it efficently describes as well the case at hand, you can find Honduras listed.

Eventually all definition concerning the case will slowly be changed...
Why? because they'll be disputed.
Why? because the Junta's propaganda mechanism have both knowledge and means to challenge not only Wikipedia but all who bare witness.

The thing is, wikipedia, as we speak, is being Condorized and someone should point the finger and scream: "RAPE!"

Retrospectiva: On March 24, 1976, Videla led the military coup which ousted the ineffective president, Isabel Peron. Though armed leftist groups had been shattered by the time of the coup, the generals still organized a counterinsurgency campaign to eradicate any remnants of what they judged political subversion.

Videla called this "the process of national reorganization," intended to reestablish order while inculcating a permanent animosity toward leftist thought. "The aim of the Process is the profound transformation of consciousness," Videla announced.

Along with selective terror, Videla employed sophisticated public relations methods. He was fascinated with techniques for using language to manage popular perceptions of reality.

The general hosted international conferences on P.R. and awarded a $1 million contract to the giant U.S. firm of Burson Marsteller. Following the Burson Marsteller blueprint, the Videla government put special emphasis on cultivating American reporters from elite publications. "Terrorism is not the only news from Argentina, nor is it the major news," went the optimistic P.R. message.

More on Snow

Previous Post on Snow

Radio Globo in Peril

Check on IFEX

Following the 28 June 2009 coup, the Armed Forces of Honduras initiated actions aimed at closing the Radio Globo radio station by way of the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) for "being used for seditious purposes via incitement to insurrection". Based on the broadcast of human rights activist Andrés Pavón message, calling for insurrection.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I've been thinking...

...hard enough apparently...

plus, here's a good link for signs in several formats.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Pattern ΥΜΩΝ No2, Florals

While tryin' to make this stamp i got in a desperate need for good old fashion ornamentals. A bit 'o' searchin' gave these results. Both are collecting old-book stuff like dividers, ornamental letters, illustrations etc etc from books that have fallen in the public domain. However this material is copyrighted to them if you choose a polished streamlined version. Check 'em out here and here.

P.S.: I might streamline some of them myself every now and then.

Evolution No 9

You can read the article here or download the PDF here or here

Cheers }: )

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

déjà vu

According to AFP son of Rambow Hondura's Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Romeo Vasquez finally got out of the closet and said that thanks to the coup d'Etat against constitutional president Manuel Zelaya, the Honduran Armed Forces stopped the advance of socialism, disguised of democracy... (AFP 04.08.09)

If im not mistaken, which is not the case, the same phrase had a coda, something like "(...) which is a threat to our Occidental civilisation and christian values(...)". Rang any bell?

While wiki-ing on Vasquez DO click on the School Of Americas, the SOA Watch and the SOA graduate Database links, (more than fifteen million people did- your bet is they're out of reason or out of time and place to hide?) you never know who's playing in a theatre near you. Oh btw, download your own torture manuals too... after all is just an -already- solved constitutional crisis, ain't it?

Cheers ya' all

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Brothers' Latin Kiss*

*Oh Gott, laß mich diese tödliche Liebe überleben
(God help me to survive this deadly love affair)

Criticism on critcism? naah, irony on the other hand...
oh well, we live on an "one size fits all" planet after all i guess.