Friday, 31 July 2009

Couldn't - Wouldn't - Shouldn't

...leave without leaving something jucy behind for you to sink your teeth in all weekend long.

Innuendo.: The lil curl in front of her ear.

cheers }; )

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Karolos Papoulias, Athens Plus pages 2 & 11

Above: This Friday's Athens plus Illustration
Below: The devil in the detail an the runner up page...

...and Speaking of the devil, accidents do happen ...

... further below: a CMYK/RGB accident which i really dig

...kinda looks like Aquaman too, which fits like a glove ... in the "Democracy of the Abyss" episode... you never know, if one of these days I get to have a bit 'o' free time, Karolos here might get his chance to save the day. Cheers!

BTW: You can download this issue of Athens Plus here, or here (Athens Plus - eKathimerini) where you can also find all downloadable past Athens Plus issues.

Enjoy }; )

Damn Cool!

So damn cool!

Take it easy, this is a mid 90's schoolkids hand made logo of the first MASKES line-up demo.
I looked on the first MASKES tape but didn't find a clue on who made it.

Good news is that i finally found a way to digitize the "Younger Tapes" (horror dripping letters) so wots gonna happn it's ...out of the box and on da net for them... sooner rather than later... hopefully...

For now feed on this:
Maskes: Anaitia Periplanisi

The first, the only and the last Studio Recorded Single ever made with this lineup and band name ...with which we' travelled the road we did.

Manos Mpaltzakis: Guitar, 2nd voice and NUMBER ONE LYRICS
Cristos Sade: Drums
Giorgio Auletta: Vocals and 2nd guitar
Manos Symeonakis: Bass

I still remember the night Giorgio came at the rehersall studio with the tape at hand, we listened at it in the studio, in the car... and eventually at Manolis house were this digital copy was made (p.s.: t'was prior of the ufficial release of the CD) and survived till today.

Another copy was lost during the army dayz, wile the CD was given to Manolis for a radio production prior to a gig and never found its way back... did i mention that it was for a gig some years later with a new lineup? Manos, Christos, me and Pavlos (synth) under the name Arrita Rimata (Unspoken words)... Without Giorgio unfortunatelly, of whom i still havn't had any news.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Greek Presidency, Papoulias AKA "I'm not deaf you know"

The one with the Yellow tie got chosen, the grayscale duo fell under the spell of a series of unfortunate events, bottom line the PSD got destroyed wile copying. Still, i do have them, plus, one painted and ready an' all and... ta daaa uploaded... }: P

Athens Plus links & pics & stuff (as always) on Friday.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Everything's allright

No, no need to worry, everything's allright, i was just thinking of drawing Manuel Zelaya with the Dalai Lama clothes as a way to criticize the Costarican talks dead end.
And while at it, i made the Dalai too, i'll be back with more honduras.

Flame potion number 9

Just made it for a graph give away... (and Panos didn't take it) but now that i'm looking at it... it gives me strange ideas... check it back when i'll stencil it for a new a bimbi morti version. }; )

In addition it seems the right place to put the flaming target="_blank" trick. This piece of Html opens the links in another Browser Tab, yeah i know it is simple but if you sum up all the numbers, codes, URLs, names ecc. ecc. you hafta remember just to push the day to its end, you'll discover there's really not that much space left for new Browser Tab Html rules.
As simple as that.

P.S.: You hafta edit it from the Html window...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Walter Kronkite No 2

You can download this issue of Athens Plus here, or here (Athens Plus - eKathimerini) where you can also find all downloadable past Athens Plus issues.

Enjoy }; )

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite for Athens Plus

One out of four... out of... about 30 i made to choose from

Monday, 20 July 2009

From zero to hero

  1. Take a picture of a sign, any sign will do, in our case a triangular one.
  2. The picture taken will have its perspective distorion and it should be corrected, i made a vector triangle in Illustrator an imported it at Photoshop to have a correct triangle shape guide
  3. If you move it on a front layer, a lil transparency could do the trick to guide you over at the shape correction
  4. Once corrected, move the image at Illustrator to make a vector copy of the shape
  5. Once the kids are vectorized
  6. Make the shape you want (in my case mr. Death) an trim it (after making a fat stroke) it'll result to a perfect stencil (keep it for future reference/use)
P.S.1: The only way to test it is on the sign.
P.S.2: Don't be caught }: P

Sign of the times 2

Friday, 17 July 2009

New... wave

You can download this issue of Athens Plus here, or here (Athens Plus - eKathimerini) where you can also find all downloadable past Athens Plus issues.

Enjoy }; )


Another random thought, to be worked for a greek sign (Triangular) with Stencil. All i need is a good photo (google images maybe faulty) in some way, and you wouldn't like to get at the sign to discover you made a wrong stencil, later on i'm gonna post the "Bimbi Morti" stencil, and i'll do some explaining.

And while at it, here's a lil song (I wanna bite your hand) to keep you cool.
Yeah just click the player, i'll draw one myself later on (promises promises...).


Quousque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?

The "morning after" prohibition & the "morning after" veto.
[Source CNA (Catholic News Agency)]

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lord Alderdice I presume

OK, so what?
As much as the Video might have Killed the Radio Star back in the 70's t'was all about music, the question at hand is a whole lotta different tune.

The web, in its immense omnipotence, can only fantasize about getting rid of the press, as long as the only guarantee of truth a reader can ever get his hands on is concentrated in the two small latin words we grew up with... "Scripta Manet". Online, on the other hand, seemingly lasting are only pictures you uploaded months ago... and still haunt you, wile the rest of the web content can be rewinded, erased and rewritten.

Which leaves me in fault. I definitely should have known better... Jesus Saves, they say, and so should I have done, since, following U.N. condemnation, US criticism and the OAS ultimatum and suspension of Honduras after the coup, lots changed their tune...

but 'nuff' said... let's jump to conclusions.

Don't miss the chance to check the Liberal International Full Members, and you'll get an idea about how immensely hurt Lord Alderdice must have felt by the Chavez - Zelaya flirt... after all is an In-Party Coup... and still John (Alderldice) has not only not taken any measures against Roberto (Micheletti)... but has a very "clear" oppinion on what should follow.

What is important to see, since a Liberal International's Full Member Party has got a country under his military grip, is what measures other democratic both Full Members and Observers, as well as Cooperating Organizations, are willing to take, after all, is all about Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, isn't it?

Is it possible that Micheletti defied the OAS, UN and the USA in a single day without a back up commercial/economic plan B?
I really look forward to see these countries reflexes.

Dash Snow

July 13 2009, dead at 27
For short bio here. For Polaroids here

  • Just one of LOTS of random comments: (...)We mean, God, we can't believe he gets paid to just sit and jizz all over Post headlines all day (...).
yeah, well.. lol... that too...
  • Anyway here is what the NEW YORK POST wrote about his death... emphasis on the word "favorite".

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Chavez... chavez... chavez...

Let me get this right.

You attack the presidential residence, take the president hostage, exile him -wile, according to your laws- you shold have broght him to justice, you vote yourself president, beat up, interrogate, intimidate abduct and kill your own citizens and... Chavez is to blame... Doh?

And while i do, honestly, totally understand all this masquerade i still wonder...

What are these people thinking for heavens sake?

I have read more than enough times, people commenting on the murdered boy "(...)Chavez is laughing now(...)", (...) Chavez fault, not our own troops(...)...
I Mean WTF!?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The curious case of Pope Benedict

Its good to know that someone's happy about the situation in Honduras.

The "morning after" prohibition & the "morning after" veto.
[Source CNA (Catholic News Agency)]
  • P.S.: Yes, the Liberal Party Representative Martha Lorena Alvarado, who sponsored the prohibiton measure, IS between the golpisti.
  • P.S.2: The U.N. [Source] wanted an abortion policy change in Honduras, while on a contrary move a more "ProLife" policy was asked by the Pope during Obama's Vatican visit.

Micheletti's "Friends" [ Source True/Slant], and the "bloodbath" [Source Mercopress]

Signs of the Times

Tsoukatos Remixed

And yes, of course i'll be bad... ehmm, back, i mean.

RSS (Really Surreal Sindication)

This is how an RSS app looks like, if (in my case) you choose to load it from your "My_yahoo" page. In other sites it might look a bit different in colors or style, but the main idea is this, and i like it... it's... well... webbie. As a matter of fact, i like its simple design so much, that i take pictures of my blogposts in RSS and collect them -yes you'll get your chance to see them... Stalin-ized... (you'll know what i mean when you get to see them)

So, why i post this RSS pic?... instead of mine? cause it's surreal! It's like... uhmm... Papandreou 2.9 or Karamanlis Beta... isn't it?

In case you've never heard of RSS (horror dripping letters), follow the link, it's worth it. To view the really cool graph from where the RSS took the random picture for its display click here

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Manuel Zelaya

This will make a good woodcut some day, if i ever get the time. Good thing is, it made things clear about dramatic overtones.

I already wonder how this will look on RSS.

P.S.: I'm dreamin' it as Graffiti ): D...

drool on

Friday, 10 July 2009

He walks hard for the money...

so haaaard for it honey }; P

Different illustrations on different articles, of course, but (as you see on the title) i adore the way they interact.

You can download this issue of Athens Plus here, or here (Athens Plus - eKathimerini) where you can also find all downloadable past Athens Plus issues.


Hasta La Vectorial, siempre

Konstantopoulos Panos

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Micheletti Golpista

On this one i'm gonna post a lot.

i'll start with IFEX newsletter about the post-coup freedom of expression situation in the country, since a lot of "democratic" organizations rushed (amid deaths) to applause the coup as a return to law and democratic order. A lot of bloggers also have posted their pictures of the rallies (of both parts), i'll post some links eventually later on.

(...) The political crisis following the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya on 29 June has seriously affected the press freedom climate in Honduras but CPJ says initial reports have not connected the killing to the coup, according to Honduran station Radio América. However, the office of Radio América in Tegucigalpa was itself attacked with explosives last week, and a grenade was thrown at Channel 11's
headquarters in the capital on 4 July, say C-Libre and RSF.
"We are under so much pressure that if we even make an error in the number of people who are at a march we become the target of threats via messages and phone calls. We are in a difficult situation unlike any we have experienced before in our lives as journalists," said Nancy Jhon, a Channel 11 journalist.
Many of the stations that did not support the coup have been taken off the air, forced to devote significant coverage to demonstrations in favour of the new government, or harassed by the military.

Nahún Palacios, the director of Canal 5 TV, said that security forces assaulted him and raided his station on 30 June, seizing his equipment and destroying the facilities, after he broadcast images of pro-Zelaya protests, reports C-Libre.
Palacios fears for his life. "Armed men grabbed my children, they raided my home," he said. "In Honduras, we have lost the constitutional guarantees afforded to citizens. A person is worth nothing. No one can talk about anything."

Later, the armed forces called a meeting for local journalists and warned them not to report on the coup.

Reporter Luis Galdamez, who hosts a show on the independent station Radio Globo Honduras, is back on the air but the military told him not to criticise the new government. According to, he refuses to be silent, but he's scared. "I get death threats every day. I don't even read my text messages anymore, they're so grotesque," he said. (...)

Tassos... International