Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Madoff case... 150 years*

*Applicable where no limitations apply

bimbi morti

I can't really remember where i first saw this gem, t'was on google i suppose wile searching a whole lot different things.

Skipped school late 80's early 90's?
Well this reminds me of our school skipping days, early morning cappuccino at Brown Derby (the ONLY true cappuccino in Greece at that time) and later on, Bimbi Morti (dead kids) pizza... with real mozzarella (again... Greece at late 80's!!!) and heavy on the mushrooms.

I hafta make a functional stencil out of this... just in case... you never really know when you're gonna feel naughty...
}; ) enjoy.

The work in progress sign, on the other hand, doesn't need no stencil, just a big fat marker should do the trick just fine. Play Safe.

P.S.: On 10.Aug.09 i found this link of SWEZA and OF COURSE its much older than mine, plus, it got used in an against the war campaign, so be sure to check it out.

}: ) cheers

Friday, 26 June 2009


My version of Trollpop's pic.

I'll do more about, and post more about it...

not everything i've drawn, was as good as i wanted, possibly due to the lack of free time... but this... this ROCKS!!!

}: )

Pattern ΥΜΩΝ

Started as a friendly joke, but's cool... need to sleep on it.

But surely the basis for something...

New Kouneva, just in case

blah blah... black sheep (grayscale actually)

Since Agapiou got canceled... Blah blah blah... you can read the rest of the article here.

The grayscale got printed ... BLAH }: P

Agapiou cancelled

Agapiou No 3 & 4 actually were the first versions with the hand paint gray hair... i just colored them "after" to post them as previous-rejected versions

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Unfortunatelly the grayscale got printed instead of the colored one }: (
Read all about it here
Below you can see part of the arabesques i made for Ahmedinejads vest, and of course the yahoo RSS box wich i realy trully adore!!!

Long Story

The big one got printed and -as usual- you can read all about it... here...

As you can se it's in part replica of the elementary greek school book (right-below).
When Alex Grigoropoulos got shot, and hell broke loose, I made the Karamanlis illustration that didn't make it, so i changed this one... wich unfortunatelly didn't make it to the press either.
Unfortunatelly i said??? Correction!!! THANK GOD it didn't make it... if you look closer you'll notice i have the heart bleeding on the wrong side...

Now about the elementary book, if you are interested you can find a whole lot of reprints, why? because it's copyright can be bought for pennies (4drachmas for each copy if i recall correctly) and each book depending the edition costs about 15 euros.
}; ) smart business eh?


The big one got printed, black underground for more strenght on the already black & white newspaper paper. I'm sooooooooo glad i didn't got lazy and made another head, in comparison the red one seems soooo poor.
As always you can read everything about it...

I am so totally and helplessly hooked on how it shows on my Yahoo Gadgets....

Islam 'o' fobia

You can read more about them both, here and here.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

last page

Not as good as i would like, but a last minute request. Pitty the photo was good tho, I'll come back with better solutions about this one, soon enough.

P.S.: The red didnt make it...

you can read the article here
or... you can download the PDF
It got on the web toowile i made a second version to have handy, better one, eh?
yeah... well, don't you wish you could have all the time you need?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Castro & Salsa

I kinda like much more the vertical version, but it would loose the hand-position effect of "Then and Now". One thoght was also to keep a different color on the hands to help point them out, but on the yellow Castros (above) different color would mean a cool color instead, and it just didn't work as good as on the cyan (cool) portraits - yellow (warm) hands.

and you can always get linked... here

Captain's log_Supplementary_ Entry 1b

05 AUG 2009
I finally cleared my mind about what should be done with "captain's logs 1 and supplementary", im gonna fetch -one illustration at the time, with comments and links and dates and stuff-
all the previously printed work and paraphernalia }: )

05 APR 2009
Illustration on an article of Takis Kampylis for Kathimerini on Antisemitism and rule of the Greek courts on the subject.
The big one on the left got chosen, on the vertical one you can clearly see Plevris in the uniform of EON youth.

Below: Follow up article of the Greek Helsinki Monitor on the days that followed.

other dates will be uploaded and will follow.

cheers }: P

More uploading, illustrations group b

Captain's Log - Entry 1

Fase 1: Uploading the first group, some of the 2008 - mid 2009 illustrations tha got printed and could be spotted on my facebook profile. More will follow.