Saturday, 12 December 2009

Xmass in Athens

A gem i found wile Googlin' around da net to find the Greek Tourism Organization poster i used on yesterday's Illustration.

But it made me think that it must be now more than 5 years that i don't do any shopping in Athens center... it's like a freakin' junta outta there, and every year it's growing...
It didn't start with last year's riots, it's every day, every month, every year, like if someone had this really silly idea to fight unemployment with some cheap meters of green cloth a shield and a stick instead of investing on something... on anything as far as i am concerned, and its slowly growing... it's more riot police outta there than people... without anyone asking where does all this stop?

It's hardly leaving any space to breath... Christmass mood? ha!
We just close our noses and dive.

Yup, this year too, xmass tree on Syntagma will be full of riot police...
Someone must have been cursing this place really bad, there's no other explanation in seeing it end up like this.

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