Sunday, 13 December 2009

Message from My Mobile


(Unfortunatelly greek's not supported for the old Nokia 3330, so the above message came incomplete and in upper case letters, good thing is that i can upload english txt)

Below the picture of the old title "message from WIND mobile", which is auto-generated for WIND mobile e-mails.

To make things more complicated i discovered while experimenting with mobile e-mail blog post that the good old NOKIA 3330 e-mails we used to send via mobile 10 years back (wow), are not supported any more, they've been replaced with some new e-mail via sms to #19597, of wich i'm curious to see the final charge/cost.

The good side of it that you can actually send a good 180 characters blog entry, instead of the 101 e-mail characters that were supported on the old "online"/e-mail NOKIA3330 feature.

On the bad side, (1) only english text is supported. (2) only upper case characters (3) you can't save the private/blog e-mail address to your cell database and send the e-mail directly, instead you must write: "EMAIL#your_private_blog_email#the email message you want to send 180 characters" and send it as sms to 19597 wich relays the sms to your private/topsecret blog email adress to see it posted. Wich raises security/privacy issues evidently unknown to WIND and probably other greek cell companies as well.

Why was the original feature changed at the first place?
For the same reason greek cell companies stopped supporting the good ol' ICQ cell messaging, where you could send an sms (normal sms charge) to a number ICQ provided to get it on your ICQ chat window and reply to it without charge (ICQ did'nt want to get any money for the service, assuming that such a feature would make it more competitive betwin chat platforms).
Whereas greek cell companis thoght more profitable to re-baptise the service e-mail mobile feature and charge it more than an sms both to sender and receiver. To make a long story short, they took an already existent service, change it's name and charge you more and twice... when the e-mail charge should apply only to messagges containing Pictures, Audio or Video attached }; )

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