Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Berlusconi and Karamanlis

Xmass are just around the coroner... (!) so i'm doing double issues Illustrations, a fortunate thing was Berlusconi getting hit since i had him allready drawn and ready since the "Rignt to know, Right to Inform" rallies back in October, just for the blog... and now he gets to wear the "bad-luck-red-tie"... lucky him.

Karamanlis Illustration on the other hand was, yes, ready too, but from last year, a second -better- actually version that didn't get to be neither printed nor seen by anyone since the article changed...

No, not all i did was searching for the spirit of illustrations-past... i also drew a very good Karamanlis yesterday (below) who unfortunatelly does not look good in the Fairey way since he's more drawn than stencil-cut-out. (Below the drawing, the "lights" and the rejected by me version).

>>> Hi! It's me! I'm Back from the Future!... it's JAN 07, 2017, today, and i've been contacted by Artsy, for the Shepard Fairey tecnique, and was asked to put a link on my blog so people can see how Newton's Cause & Effect Physics Law works in international art and beyond... more than happy to do so... will put the same link at Athens Plus page above where the final portrait was printed. Enjoy.

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