Thursday, 19 November 2009

Otto, Papariga and Stalin

Lucky week, two illustrations this time, one about the the greek Communist Party Secretary Aleka Papariga and the other about Otto Rehhagel, the Greek National soccer team that finally got to go to S. Africa World Cup and the unfortunate event of soccer related deaths.

Otto's illustration is brand new, you can also catch him at the "Inside Greece" Blog, Aleka's on the other hand is much much older, and already had been recycled at a pre elections illustration. Stalin, has also been used in the past, but unfortunatelly got only to be printed in grayscale, thanks to Aleka however got finally his chance to be both recycled in RGB and get his CMYK print... some dudes have all the luck.

I only regret the fact i didn't made a second card combination for the index, i thoght Rehhagel would get to go to page 2. Pitty, next time I get to have double illustration i'll be prepared.

Last... but hardly least, down below you can have a pre-friday-links preview of pages 6-7, yup the graphs are the ones i joked about...

Oh, By the way, if you link at the Guardian Newspaper, you'll get the chance to see who right I was (No Sh...!!!) about Europe's First Prime Minister. Guardian's Europe P.M. article has also been open for comments... don't miss the chance to read about Blair... but that was soooo predictable...
You can download the Issue in PDF living colour here.

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