Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Weakest Link

Greek National Elections 2009
Illustration for Athens Plus No 68, download PDF here.

Flesh and bones of the concept is found at an older illustration for Sunday's Kathimerini (for english edition click here). So, 'had the suits, and Talkin Heads to fit on (some at least) all there was left to do was hands, signs and maybe a head or two (and of course the Logo).

The first illustration on top, was a later addition made exclusivly for "Inside Greece" Blog.
P.S.2: I'm having serious second thoughts about the title, i should have written "The wickedest link". doh.. too late now... }: (
P.S.3: The weakest link signs held, are ordered in such a way as to appear all once and conceal the weakest link, at least until after the elections that is.
P.S.4: Two days left until the elections. Don't thing too hard...

Anyway }; ) cheers ya'all, it's Friday, Athens Plus Links day.

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