Thursday, 8 October 2009

Public Image, copy-paste

Now and then, here and there...

Illustration for Athens Plus No. 69, Obama - Captain america on the other hand was an illustration for Athens plus No. 32, available (like all past Athens Plus Issues) in PDF here.
Boy! does time fly...

Captain America, except the Obama head, was actually an identical replica (image found on google) made with the same technique i used several years for vinily record covers renovation. I'm tellin' you there are no "useless talents", everything turns around on due time. The head used is version #2.

George Papandreou on the other hand, is mine all mine, i made a second version for his head too, the first version was from the "Wikked links" post. Originally the Shield was an idea made just for fun, that apparently got lucky.

You can read the article here, or download the entire PDF here or here.

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