Thursday, 8 October 2009

National Elections 2009, keeping score

I love it when a plan comes together!..
Now this is luck!!!
I'm sure you've seen George Papandreou as high priest of greek politics before, actually more than just once. The Pope hat? oh yeah that too. It was made for a post concerning the catholic entanglement in the Honduras Coup'd'etat. His Head was drawn for Athens plus No. 69. Illustration, which was originally made with the head used on previous Pope Papandreou the 3d (link available above).
Kostantinos Karamanlis (not the uncle) was used before too, yup, third time's a charm. His hat was pretty used too, while the flame on it got to travel furthermore. Party signs were also made for the "weakest link" illustration in Athens plus No. 68.

Couldn't ask for more luck, right? WRONG!... unfortunately it got to be printed on a black&white page... anyway i'll just upload the colored one here and at the blog.

More of it on Monday. Enjoy.

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