Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Greek National Library... unavailable

Yeah it's 28 October 2009, and here it's OXI (ohi) day celebration.

Oddly enough the NLG (National Library Of Greece) site, today, of all days, the number one (maybe two) day of National remberance, is (of course) "unavailable" making any attempt of research in OUR NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE impossible.

The Proud Greek Minister of Education is Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou.

The Proud Greek Minister of Culture at the moment is Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos.

The Proud Director (according to Wikipedia) of our National Library is Ms. Aikaterini Kordouli.

Congratulations ya'all!

P.S.1: Disturbingly enough, the site of the British National Library is working!!!.

P.S.2: Last but not least, in case you were wondering who our Minister of Culture might be, it's Mr. Geroulanos, and I should add that up to now, has failed to even honour us by uploading his own name on the Ministry of Culture site...

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