Thursday, 15 October 2009

Down with the Junta!

According to Associated Press, it seems like "Honduran factions agree on key point in talks", the most significant breakthrough since the June coup d'etat.

Tolda ya' it wouldn't get much longer. }: )

And t'was really the only way out of the mess plus legitimisation of the upcoming elections.

With Zelaya in Honduras, Tegucigalpa under curfew and media (well... not all -right?) gagged, whatever the november elections result no country would ever recognize it (except of course of yours trully...), leaving Honduras in the same mess she's allready in. Zelaya's return, seamingly a win-win situation, it's hardly as much, in no way Zelaya will be granted full power restitution (actually no leader has, 1 month prior to elections), if he does, he'll be only acting his part of a "victory of the people" show, since -one month to the elections- Micheletti only needs his legitimisation, not his rule.

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