Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jose Delmer Urbizo, No2.

Right from the moment i drew these two Joses, I knew i was bound to upload the wrong one!

I don't think the previous one looks good in such small size, plus this one ...dunno... seems to fit better in the storyline. makes the threat "I'll be back" sound so much more... ummmh.. fluffy?

P.S.: ...And the lil one below? last moment addition, No 3... This one got saved from the bin, while well made (i love the detail under the eyes) i dunno maybe t'was the double line (thin-fat) that made me thing t'was better to toss him... but you dont toss a Jose Delmer Urbizo that easily... do you?

He might want to come back. }; )

Perhaps this one should be cleaned up from thin lines and used for a colored version... maybe in the future...

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