Friday, 11 September 2009

Christian Poveda's trail to death

From all -up to now- descriptions, emerges the fact that Poveda drove from "La Campanera" (where he filmed) to the place of his murder.

Times Online: (...) Police say that Poveda was driving back from filming in La Campanera, an overcrowded ghetto that is a stronghold of the Mara 18 gang, when he was apparently ambushed(...).

La Campanera
Latitude 13°44'9.17"N, Longitude 89° 8'0.87"W
Poveda murder site
Latitude 13°46'20.96"N, Longitude 89° 7'54.86"W

Sources: Policia Nacional Civil, El Diario De Hoy, la prensa grafica, El Mundo , Poveda's Photo from "Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck".

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